Thursday, October 1, 2020

GLOGtober 2020 #1: Guns

 In accordance with the post-a-day challenge by SunderedWorldDM, whose dreams bore the Orbseeker and whose deeds send the world shuddering.

In my standard bronze age setting, firearms nonexistent as a rule. But exceptions can always creep in, with portals from an authoritarian future to the bleed of technology from another setting altogether. Iron is probably too rare to be used on an industrial scale, but there has been brass gunmetal. I've decided to eshew the first few tiers of gunplay, skipping black powder to go straight to men in Phrygian caps and muscleplate toting AKs, or scale-armored sorceresses enchanting the clips of their MAC-10s.

Characters not of an industrial society (i.e. the PCs and everyone they've ever met) will find guns bewildering. Even characters with a ken of artifice will only be able to figure out how to clean pieces and change out magazines without the tutelage of someone in the know.

Each magazine is a fresh set of charges, but many characters will assume that when it runs out, the weapon is to be discarded. You can carry up to 5 extra magazines without additional equipment slots getting taken up, and 10 magazines per slot thereafter. Reloading is a simple maneuver during combat, unless the firearm is heavy. Foes count as having -3 BLOCK against firearms.


  • Light (1 equipment slot) 1d6 damage. 8 charges.
    • Ex. revolvers, machine pistols
  • Medium (2 equipment slots) 1d8 damage. 20 charges.
    • Ex. Lee-Enfield, AK-47, 
  • Heavy (3 equipment slots) 1d10 damage. 20 charges. Takes a full round to reload.
    • Ex. Maxim Gun, some kind of heavy rifle idk

Additional Qualities
  • Brace: must be fired from some support
  • Gets Hot: on a natural 20, roll for dismemberment.
  • Plasma: Roll for dismemberment on every hit.
  • Iron-Tipped Bullets: destroys souls on kill, can harm ghosts and demons
  • Reliable: can function in utterly dank conditions or survive being buried for years.
  • Spray: Can (or must) target everything in a 10' diameter or get advantage on damage rolls. Spends 1d6 charges.
  • Stationary: cannot fire and move in the same turn.
Example Firearms
  • MAC-10: light, must spray
  • Standard Issue GOD corps rifle: medium, gets hot, plasma, reliable
  • Cyber Pistol: light, reliable
  • Frickard Platform: heavy, brace OR stationary, iron-tipped bullets

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  1. What I really love about this one is how you frame and contextualize guns in your world, and then your rules proceed to lean into that semi-gonzo style you established from the diegetic origins. Iron-tipped bullets in particular I thought was a super neat touch! So excited to see what else you have in store, thanks for sharing.