Sunday, October 4, 2020

GLoGtober #27: Villains

In accordance with the post-a-day challenge by SunderedWorldDM, whose dreams bore the Orbseeker and whose deeds send the world shuddering.

Two Villains

The first, a mummy, name unknown. Wrapped either in intricate bandages or an overlong shroud. Just a total unit, utterly unkillable. It assumes that the divinity promised to it after death failed somehow and that it is literally in Hell. Cannot be harmed as long as it wears its bandages.

The second, a necromancer. Acts as a Virgil-esque psychopomp to the mummy, playing into its delusion. Uses it as a hitman against those who have wronged him. This Virgil is weak, for he was once a lich on another plane, but greatly weakened in his reanimation here. He desperately desires social station and power, but his obvious egomania turns off anyone with good sense.

The phylactery is cleverly hidden in a local temple's cemetery, in a repository where they keep the texts it is forbidden to destroy because they contain a name of god. The repository is guarded by a golem (who is kept there for the same reason). The phylactery is magically protected and cannot be destroyed by most means. Throwing it in a volcano should still work, but will definitely get you cursed by the god whom you have profaned. If the head priest of the temple learns the phylactery's true nature, she will immediately organize a ritual to deconsecrate and destroy the thing, which will not get anyone cursed. This must take place precisely an hour after sunset, and Virgil will attempt to stop it with all the force he possesses.

Virgil will primarily take aggressive actions by sending the mummy to perform messy killings, and the party may learn something is wrong when their party is interrupted by intense violence. Virgil will do his best to adapt to the actions of the party, gluing the bandages in place if he learns that they have discovered the weakness. His base is whatever small-to-medium dungeon you have prepped, or else a rented floor of a local hotel. As time goes on, his servants from another plane will arrive looking for him, but will almost categorically refuse to believe that this petty sorcerer is their god-king.

d6 Potential Servants

  1. a barrel full of choking zombie hands
  2. two bumbling ghouls, one tall and one fat
  3. a band of giant crustaceanfolk, intelligent but out of their element
  4. the local constable, convinced he is her reincarnated lover
  5. swarm of vampire mosquitos
  6. invisible servant who will spy on the PCs and report back
Mummy: 8 HD. Dodge 0, Block 0. STR 17, 1d6 choke OR magic stare to make someone go limp as long as the mummy maintains eye contact. Uses this ability to escape grabs. The mummy is putrid and targeting it with magic causes a cloud of disease (pick your favorite) to erupt 10' in all directions.
Virgil: 2 HD. Dodge 2, Block 0. STR 14, 1d8 hewing spear. Only 2 MD but knows all the cool necromancy spells. 

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