Sunday, August 29, 2021

Appendix A (Dungeon Generator)


Pick a starting arrangement
Famously, AD&D had a dungeon generator for its first appendix, allowing you to painstakingly roll up a dungeon corridor by corridor. I have adapted it to automatic generation here, so you can allow the oracular spirit of Gary Gygax to guide your hand without consulting sub-table after sub-table. Several abrogations have been made for my sanity.

Select a direction and hit the "Periodic Check" button. If you encounter treasure, at your discretion you may press the "Container Defense" button to see how it is defended. The third and fourth buttons are not from the original Appendix A in any way, but I thought it would be appropriate to supplement with the standard empty room list and some generic monsters, if you don't have an appropriate list at hand. You will have to come up with your own magic items if any are rolled.


  1. Cheers! It does make it easier to use :)

    Where are the "room types" from?

    1. I got it from Courtney Campbell's Empty Rooms resource, but if I recall right he got it from some particular place prior.

  2. Great stuff. Did you ever see the flash/browser game that used Appendix A to generate a dungeon * Dungeon Robber * ? It's by the guy who writes Blog of Holding. Very addictive.

  3. how come men can be flying but women are evil, beautiful? where's my evil beautiful man

  4. By the way, I'm fascinated by the starting areas in the DMG. From the get-go they tell you that THIS IS GOING TO BE A BIG DUNGEON. Lots of passages. Lots of doors.

    And their shapes... Only number 4 is "regular", the rest are these weird spaceship corridors.