Saturday, October 10, 2020

Location: the Dungeon Station

 Wherever those who raid dungeons congregate, rumors are shared. Some speak of endless byways under the earth, connecting one madman's folly to another, of secret meetings held by the most odious and odd beings under the earth. Few know the truth, that some of these endless hallways intersect at dungeon stations, a rest stop where the lords of various labyrinths meet and discuss their trade. This dungeon station, run by the enigmatic dungeon master, proves a dangerous location indeed for a party of adventurers.

"The Dungeon Station" is medium-to-large dungeon for characters of 2nd level or higher. It can be used as a standalone adventure, or as a pit stop between two other dungeons you want to run. You may also wish to connect it to a main dungeon so that players can go between, accessing new tools and dooms from both.

Click the map to see the Dungeon Station

The whole thing is kind of silly, but it lets you play some honest D&D with some otherwise dishonest monsters, like the earseeker and piercer. Player characters are assumed to  be approaching from the upper left corridor. Any corridors going off the map continue on for miles or to the nearest dungeon. Note the bestiary, random encounters, and loot table at the end of the document.

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