Sunday, October 4, 2020

GLoGtober #19: Quirky Magic Item

In accordance with the post-a-day challenge by SunderedWorldDM, whose dreams bore the Orbseeker and whose deeds send the world shuddering. 

Five Magic Items

  1. a simple brass music box that seems stuck. In the presence of ghosts, fey, and kobolds, it plays "Leave the Town Tinker."
  2. a robin redbreast in a cage. Its actions play watchword to the state, with its left wing representing one half of the country's political force and it right wing representing the other. Mostly only useful as a portent of civil strife. Also the subject of much poetry, as "The left wing beats, the right is still. So the vulture lists to the right, as it will."
  3. a ciclatoun sark without any seams or needlework. Allows you to be folded up as though you were no more than a shirt yourself.
  4. A dog sled, seemingly pulled by nothing at all. Carries as much as a 4-horse cart. Seven sets of reigns, each is in truth pulled by your sin. The sled can cover vast distances if your cruelty is likewise vast, but the sins which are best pampered begin to take horrible form.
  5. bronze crowbar. Turns into a bronze crow that accepts respectful commands. Returns to form with the sunrise.

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