Saturday, October 3, 2020

GLoGtober #3: Goblins

   In accordance with the post-a-day challenge by SunderedWorldDM, whose dreams bore the Orbseeker and whose deeds send the world shuddering.

It's odd, but I think a single goblin is much scarier than a horde of goblins. One goblin on its own is a monster, is a reflection on the nature of the stranger. A heap of goblins is a joke. Anyway,

Goblin Fruit: Upon consuming, test your charisma or become addicted. You do not regain hit points from lunches that do not feature goblin fruit in some form, and each day that you go without partaking inflicts 1 fatigue. After two weeks, test your constitution to break the addiction. The addiction can also be broken by purchase from a goblin market, by having the Song of the Dryad's Sons played to you while you sleep, or by a moderate case of pneumonia.

Sights Seen in the Goblin City

  1. A street cleaner with a ramshackle vehicle pushing the trash directly into the drains, where goblin children feast on it.
  2. the villa of an elfin noble, exiled from her rightful queendom and plotting revenge. The goblin nobility regard her has mostly harmless.
  3. Micro-orchards, with soils mixed from the most exotic places of Earth and elsewhere.
  4. HERE THERE WHEREVER, a cavalry sabre cut down to proper goblin length, swung around by a boastful explorer. He claims to know everything about the mortal world, and will demand you back up his obvious stupidities.
  5. Helper Adradried, a goblin merchant. Sells clear consciences, eyes with complementary sockets, and chalk. Buys knowledge of dungeon layouts, debt, and flowers.
  6. a human beggar playing the lyre. He once was a king.
  7. a pair of sisters (looking as human as David Bowie does in Labyrinth) swooning over a returning nabob (looking as human as any other goblin in Labyrinth).
  8. a goblin playing a hurdy-gurdy with a smaller goblin inside it, playing the trumpet with a smaller goblin inside it, playing the triangle.
  9. tall-headed, pouty goblin scholars. They seek wisdom without adulthood, and hate talking to outsiders since they are adults without wisdom.
  10. a beggar writes with chalk on the wall, "SOLD VOICE. WILL DANCE FOR CONSONANTS"
  11. Helper Dalile, a goblin merchant. Sells barrels containing an improbable number of goblins, goblin fruit preserves, and rubbery vine rope. Buys weapons that have been used to murder, sibling relationships, and hair.
  12. a pair of elite warriors. Their weapons look like Rube Goldberg's attempt at polearms.
  13. a mime.
  14. a goblin peasant smoking a modern cigarette outside a greensmith's.
  15. Helper Conpot, a goblin merchant. Sells do-overs, screw-overs, and coal rake-overs. Buys businesses going under, weapons sundered, and underwear.
  16. "A Braniac Tendency," the four-act play about halflings, which goblins tend to think of as the default race in the mundane world.
  17. A human woman, shaved, with tearful eyes and nose of glass.
  18. A broken mirror leaning against rubbish in an alley. Within, a family of goblins beat silently against its surface, trying to escape.
  19. A barker advertises for a nearby tent, claiming it contains the world that, when spoken, kills mortals. Entry costs 6 silver pieces. The word is "anehenaebahaer," and if a PC says it out loud, they fall down dead.
  20. Helper Fenwil, a goblin merchant. Sells masks that prevent you from seeing details, forgets, and strange dogs. Buys the meat of intelligent beings, stolen goods, and the shirt off your back.

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  1. Any one of these table entries could be spun into a full adventure, hell, even provides enough to improvise an entire session or two. Such a well-constructed table, and you spoil us with two more morsels! The "lone goblin" sounds like a wonderful adventure in its own right... thanks so much for this post!