Sunday, October 4, 2020

GLoGtober #26: City

In accordance with the post-a-day challenge by SunderedWorldDM, whose dreams bore the Orbseeker and whose deeds send the world shuddering. 

art by Tyler Tilly

Starting Equipment: a lovingly-detailed sword, a villa, several servants, a 1-in-3 chance of being related to anyone in the aristocracy, a set of armor which is impractical for dungeoneering, a mangificent mustache, beard, or hairstyle.
Starting Ken: courtesy, one other of your choice

A: +1 attack with dedicated martial weapons, never harm someone more than you intend, people always know you're a big deal

B: When you spend at least 10 gp on a formal occasion, anyone who receives an invitation must attend.

C: +1 DR against people who know who you are. +1 DR against people who know the significance of your chosen weapon. No one you're related to can bear to kill you unless they really have to.

D: If you die, your heir starts with +2 class templates. The first time you murder someone in cold blood, everyone will assume there was a damn good reason. 

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