Sunday, October 4, 2020

GLoGtober #15: Orb

          In accordance with the post-a-day challenge by SunderedWorldDM, whose dreams bore the Orbseeker and whose deeds send the world shuddering. 

(For reference, see the orbseeker class. As always, nonmagical orbs have very specific domains and magical orbs have more general ones.)

Twenty Orbs

  1. The Orb of Cheruton, all carven images of battle on its dull mithril surface. Said to once belong to a renowned centaur warrior. Has domain over heroic oral history as it relates to river-adjacent peoples.
  2. A perfect globe of fresh brass. The symbol of office for the enforcers of a defunct and ancient dwarfish oligarchy. Has domain over the law code of that civilization.
  3. The Dolorous Sphere, of heavy grey stone. Point it at a foe and choose a number between one and eight. Both you and the target take that much damage. Kept by an imperial dynasty and their champions. Has domain over burdens.
  4. A Sphere of Wrecking, made of tin, with a mould line running its equator. Can reveal things which are covered up. Has domain over disassembly.
  5. Triton's Ball, which glows when submerged in water. Any holding it can breathe light instead of air. Has domain over aquatic civilizations.
  6. The Certain Globe, an inaccurate map of patinated copper floating and filling most of a small room. Shows true hints of lost civilizations. Has domain over map projections.
  7. The Orb of Gis, which burns away all plant matter within 30 feet. Formed of scorched jade. Has domain over autumn.
  8. a golden ball, which was formed by dropping hot gold into the deep vault of the Dragoon-Captain Thade, cooling before it hit the hoard. When gold was dropped and landed still hot on the great wave of treasure Thade had accumulated, his liege ordered him executed for his greed and a great civil war erupted. This is how the current dynasty came to power, though they are descended from neither Thade nor his liege. Has domain over Dragoon-Captain Thade's treasures.
  9. The Brazen Eye, bronze beaten into an eye's form. Casts dispel magic with 2 MD. Has domain over hubris.
  10. The Inhuman Sphere, a perfectly round bone. Cursed to follow the one who most recently touched it. If owned for more than a week, an opening will appear in its owner's body, just the right size to fit it. Inserting it will cause you to save versus death, but it you survive you get to become a beholder. Has domain over beauty.
  11. beggar's orb, carved from driftwood. Absorbs any water the owner comes in contact with to be sucked from later for sustenance. If you hold this and jump into a lake, you will fall at full speed to the bottom, but won't drown. Has domain over deprivation.
  12. Lightning ball, two glass halves with copper spines. The ball is filled with glowing phosphorus to act as a light source. Has domain over fireflies.
  13. Umbra Sphere, large and solid jet. Contains an ancient noble's sister who learned too much. Has domain over ancestral secrets.
  14. The Chelonian Orb, a spherical egg containing a turtle with an epic destiny. Has domain over chosen ones.
  15. The Orb of Hellne, a glass bead with scintillating, shifting colors. Can also show visions of your own past. Has domain over melancholy.
  16. Clarion Globe, a round bell of bronze. The bronze tongue within is intelligent, and in fact speaks more languages than you, thank you very much. Has domain over pastoral faith.
  17. a globe of life, a round glob of bleached coral. Contains the ghost of the creatures that make up the coral, as well as the ghosts of the creatures that once lived on the destroyed reef it was made from. Has domain over dying things.
  18. eye of granite, said to belong to the statue of Saint Xerone. Has domain over giants' treasure (it is a giant's eye, who knew?)
  19. Tomatine Ball, a perfectly round tomato. Contains 3 MD and can cast curse of dyscalculia, dessicate, and gom jabbar. Will dry up if not eaten in about 1 week. Has domain over cruelty.
  20. The Orb of Rolan, dark metal with a single emerald at the front. Once each per week, can summon up three songs: the Notes of Joy, the Notes of Noy, and the Gaber Reel. Each summons a different emotion. Has domain over sorrow.