Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Location: the Bridgeport (B/X)

 This adventure location is inspired by the blog of someone called Juliette, covering their construction of a model Victorian home. It seems like the house was never finished, but when I stumbled upon it after a random google search, I found the floorplans and the photos of the interiors inspired my dungeon-writing instinct. Therefore, I present a home for PCs in an Americacrawl setting to break into, sneak around in, and have a gunfight or two.

I ran a short playtest of the area with some of my hometown friends, and they managed to pull off a successful heist without notifying most of the inhabitants. However, I think it would still be a satisfying experience if it started with a huge gunfight and then led to the party picking over the interior. I believe Josie of Occultronics is destined to write the authoritative blogpost on this dungeoneering structure, but it has not been published yet.

Thanks to the playtesters (including Ren of False Idols) and to SunderedWorldDM, who gave his thoughts on an earlier draft.

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The Bridgeport is the stately home of Philadelphia lawyer Wilbur Weaver. A fancy man from out east, he has set up here to dazzle the locals with his refined charms, and has fallen in with a gang of ne'er-do-wells and thieves. As practicing lawyers and street toughs tend to antagonize strangers, it should be easy enough for a DM to come up with some excuse for a party of PCs to want to break into the Bridgeport and take Weaver down a few pegs.