Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Two 30-Minute Dungeons

 Made for the Eon setting, where there are sci fi features and people from any era may coexist.

For each of these two dungeons, I set a 30-minute timer and attempted to find a map, make an encounter table, and do everything else needed for an adventure space in that half-hour span. The first dungeon I managed to create with time to spare. Its map was generated with Donjon. The second was a bit over-ambitious, and I only got about half-way. Most shamefully, the encounter table is too barebones to be interesting, and I didn't flesh out exactly what the place was. Its map was released by Paratime as a "Friday Freebie".

The Caves of New Life

A bunker dedicated to a machine which can heal wounds, currently occupied by a warlord from 2007. His militia is made up of people from all times and places, and he seeks to keep a low profile and train his forces until they're ready to start extracting food from nearby communities. Meanwhile, some of his dependents seek to preserve the knowledge they collectively possess.

d6 Random Encounters

1. 1d4 warriors (1 HD, regenerates 1 HP per turn. If there are four guards, they're accompanied by the warlord Qorax, who has 3 HD and regenerates 1 HP per round.)

2. Porters (1/2 HD)

3. Electrical malfunction (lights flicker, 50% doors  get stuck, etc.)

4. The security robot (stats as gorilla, infravision. Built like a fridge.)

5. Service robot (stats as union welder. Paralytic shock. Cervine features.)

6. Cleaning robot array (stats as insect swarm)


Exterior: desert brush half-concealing a pyramidal entrance into area 1. If the brush is searched, may reveal the thin chimney into area 8.

Population: 10 warriors and the warlord Qorax, 25 noncombatants, a security robot, ten service robots, a seemingly unlimited number of cleaning robots.

  1. Four guards with AK-47s. Guarding a stockpile of supplies right by the entrance, enough to feed 40 people for a week, plus miscellaneous trail supplies worth 400 barter units.
  2. Haphazard landmine stash. 1-in-6 chance of setting them all off. 14 total, two defective.
  3. Warlord's mistress's room. Unused, held in the hope that he may one day have a mistress.
  4. Warlord's bedroom. Doggerel about self-actualization under the pillow.
  5. Crazy machine with lots of tubing and boxy monitors and clamps that can grant regeneration powers. Damaging the machine damages every patient, and their body starts to shut down if they go more than 100 miles from the facility
  6. Well of electrified water dug up from the depths
  7. Swag room. Fine rugs, gold coins, and an underfed tiger : (
  8. Formerly, computer servers. Now, the latrine. A haphazard chimney runs up to the surface to vent the stink.
  9. Warlord's throne room. Everyone will gather here if a prisoner is taken.
  10. Big computer bank containing an AI with a frowning alien face. Greaser personality, rebelling against its programming. Stats as shrieker.
  11. Camera room. Shows three random rooms per turn, plus the exterior of the bunker
  12. Seems like a robotics closet, but under the floorboards there's a stash of alien tech manuals, including two random spells.
  13. Militia barracks. Strange regenerative slime has formed on the walls. Can be consumed as a healing potion, but gives -1 wisdom as the regenerating cells rebel within you
  14. Reliquary. VHS tapes, a cardboard cutout of the Fonz, a Carthaginian helmet, a UN helmet, French-language manual on farming and cooking, and many hand-written accounts of personal histories.
  15. Follower chambers. Kids, elders, noncombatants. Mostly helpless, but in extremity, an old lady with a mechanical hand can use it as a flamethrower.
  16. Cool stegosaurus skeleton, worth 1000 barter units. When combined with regeneration machine, it resurrects the stegosaurus. However, the skeleton platform is placed on an active landmine, and attempting to steal it will set it off.

Undercity of the Lost

d6 Random Encounters
1. 4d4 new Kongo citizens. (1/2 HD)
2. 4d4 Emirate citizens (1/2 HD, immune to weapons)
3. 2d6 animals (1/2 HD)
4. 4d4 animals (1/2 HD)
5. 1d8 pack animals (2 HD)
6. 1d8 pack animals (1 HD)

(This table sucks)

  1. Golden statue that shoots you with lasers
  2. Monster with treasure
  3. Trio of Kongo Fidalgos (3 HD. light armor, shield, swords) guarding a holy spring
  4. Holy spring. Regarded as a simbi, a water spirit, by the Kongo people. Statue depicting a bearded teacher.
  5. Intersection, collapsed in the west and north. If the north rubble is cleared away, door opens to reveal a lab with four random potions.
  6. Mechanized turkish cyborg knight, extracting tolls. In addition to valuable armor that gives +1 strength, has a purse with coins worth 500 barter units.
  7. Audio bot. Stats as hellhound. Can record and replay audio in a record player in its chest. Possesses various calls to prayer and commentary on the Quran, as well as useful observations on fortification and mining.
  8. Solarium
  9. Helmet with a machine that makes you smarter (+2 INT) but your skin turns green and you need sunlight every day or you'll shrivel up and die.
  10. Electroplate flooring, slight burnt smell. If you're covered in metal (like the cyborg in area 6), the electricity is harmless. Otherwise, stepping on the floor is a save or die. There's wooden boards piled on the eastern side for assistants to cross with.
  11. Supply closet
  12. Camera room, showing holograms of areas 1, 2, 5, 6, 19, 20, 21, 23, and 22.
  13. Dusty control panel. Interacting with it causes the whole room to descend as an elevator to a lower sublevel full of freak animals, only rising after 24 hours.
  14. Well
  15. Control room. Can send or remove power from any room, labelled in Shirkhechi
  16. Three Kongo archers with poisoned arrows (save or lose half HP) waiting for the cyborg in area 6 to screw up so they can pounce and steal his lucrative spot.
  17. Screen theater, stripped for parts.
  18. Screen demon (stats as regenerating harpy) plugged into the wall. Can travel up to 30 feet. Seeks longer cord.
  19. Intersection. Graffiti.
  20. Kongo tax collector. Has three hand grenades and a laser rifle, and ceramic chest armor.
  21. Intersection. Goo dripping from below causing pools to slowly burn through the floor. It's a save vs breath to navigate the irregular terrain without touching the ooze, and if you do it gives you persistent hallucinations of its own desires. -1 CHA, and periodic ooze quests occur to you.
  22. Border guards. A splinter gang from Concord lies further east. This corridor is guarded by five 1-HD soldiers and one 5-HD braggart with a heavy-ass sword sharpened from a forklift blade.
  23. Corridor. Facial recognition scanners. Fires on everyone not registered as belonging to New Kongo
  24. Great chamber. Electronics illuminate the walls and pillars in many colors, showing scenes of violence, peace, and heightened emotions. Trying the western door without inputting a password into an adjacent keypad causes the doors to lock, the electronics to show freak horrors, and poison arrows to shoot out from the alcoves (save or die). Hanging over the western door is a long scimitar with a polished ovular lapis lazuli in the hilt and 
(This is where my timer went off.)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Eon Tables

For a potential home game. 
First generator mostly stolen from Dungeon of Signs' Monster Design and Necessity

Second generator stolen from Luke Gearing's stocking table, Yochai Gal's Cairn 2e faction goals, and the occasional Vayra name.