Sunday, October 4, 2020

GLoGtober #24: Disease

In accordance with the post-a-day challenge by SunderedWorldDM, whose dreams bore the Orbseeker and whose deeds send the world shuddering. 

d10 Diseases that Leave you Changed

  1. "Amfever", contracted from drinking swampwater. Your teeth fall out and your tongue becomes stretchy like a frog's. Can be useful, but eating is difficult and you will develop jaw pain.
  2. "Proxima", contracted from inhaling the dust kicked up by demolition of old stone buildings. Causes delusions of historicity and in extreme cases can make you think you are some specific ancient person. Will replace one of your failed professions with a different one and if left untreated will do the same with your name and one of your levels.
  3. "Diamantizism", contracted by prolonged journeys with only a small pool of socialization. Degrades your ability to be suspicious and makes everyone seem sort of like one of your party members or closest friends. Eventually, you will be unable to tell friends from the people who remind you of them. On the plus side, you can tell if someone is a Chandler or a total Monica at a glance.
  4. "Nerve Emersonia", contracted from bacteria that lives in the gut of many dungeon monsters. Manifests as a severe and debilitating fever that degrades the body-mind map. Can cause the permanent sense that you have additional phantom body parts, often made of inert materials like aluminum or bismuth. This permanently takes up 1d2 inventory slots. You possess these features in dreams and can usually tell if there's some foreign substance in your body.
  5. "Robinage", contracted via sexual contact or, possibly, eating a New Zealand Robin. Causes intense wanderlust and prevents you from regaining hit points for sleeping in civilization. You gain no fatigue from forced marches or long shifts.
  6. "Leucoroma", contracted from proximity to radiation or aberrations. Literally hardens the bones and brain, making it harder to break either, but eventually fatal if untreated. A certain monastery of monks intentionally contract this disease in the hopes of improving their kung fu, which would be much cooler if they were, like, Xiaolin monks instead of nerds outside of fantasy Hiedeldorf.
  7. "Tippecur", contracted by inhaling the breath of undead or, possibly, by desecrating tombs. Creates hard, minty-smelling nodes on the throat and causes the victim to repeat repeat words in speech. They are frequently unaware of the repetition repetition. If left untreated, experience episodes of undeath.
  8. "Spherestia", contracted via magic withdrawal. Causes a maniacal desire, and ability, to level towers and other tall artificial constructions. Long-term effects cause rage at the sight of all architectural follies and the ability to both detect and punch through load-bearing walls.
  9. "Triccardia", contracted by consuming fantastic sugars. Grows a cavity in your heart into which blood is discharged and from which it flows back. Causes wild dilations in blood pressure, but have each player try to invent a new emotion that the character now feels and perceives in others.
  10. "Pilper's Joints", contracted from biomantic substances. Technically a parasite that develops a redundant system of tendons (but not ligaments). Whenever you fail a test of strength, such as bending bars or lifting gates, instead automatically succeed but take damage as the parasite tears your muscles together. The average damage for an average roll is 1d4, but for truly great feats the sky is the limit.

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