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Small Evidences (GLoG Hack + Scenario)

 A Halloween ago, I began a short-lived play-by-post game with G.R. Michael, HalflingTrouble, Josie, Locheil, Mergo-Kan, and Renfield. The curse of PbP games prevented us from getting very far, but I was proud of the prep I did, and have eventually decided to share it here. The work is incomplete, because I knew that if the PCs came to a dungeon, for instance, I would have plenty of time to flesh it out due to the nature of asynchronous communication.

The players were enticed by the premise of a "spooky Victorian glog play-by-post game." The player's handbook I offered them included many small hints about the game and how it would work, the sort of almost-jokes that DMs get very attached to. Like when you choose a background for your character, the Urchin background promises to have a "secret benefit" that would be revealed later. The Scholar class lets you attain various seemingly unhelpful Fields of Study like Anatomy and Orientalism, but each Field actually directly corresponds to one of the six types of creature you're likely to encounter in the game. In the equipment list, you might see a Bodak camera and think it's just a stupid D&Dified reference to a real-life camera featured in Dracula. But it also serves a secondary purpose to blind vampires. So if you think about it hard enough, I'm some kind of genius.

You can look at the hack (with my comments added in the janky form of google doc comments) HERE.

The format of the scenario was a small sandbox, the Swiss canton-like region of Avenir in a Victorian Europe-like Europe where all the countries had slightly stupider names. The party sought the missing Doctor Temperli, a professor of New Sciences at Mittenberg University. The region was small, made up of a six-by-six grid of ambiguously-sized squares that they could traverse at a speed of 1d6 squares per day (conveniently variable due to terrain and weather), no diagonal moves allowed.

Just as Switzerland is culturally influenced by French, German, and Italian neighbors, Avenir had three major towns, each culturally related to Lence, Almegh, and Reme. The most beloved part of the game seemed to be a chart I made to describe the nation-states around Avenir:

Hair/Sterotype/Attire/Folkways/Hat Shape

  • Linch: Much, brown/Sullen, small, funny, syphilitic/Tight leather, buckles, floppy hats/War, horse marriage, wine, war/ɷ
  • Almish: Wiry blond/Stingy, fierce, canny, syphilitic/Vests, sacks, puffy shirts, grease/Long knives, clockwork, gender/Δ
  • Remic: Curly black/Loud, shallow, noble, syphilitic/Red aprons and hats, riding boots/Earthworks, dance, self-education/η

(and further afield-)

  • Brutish: Dirty blond/Perfidious, rich, rude, syphilitic/Suits, lace, memento mori/wagers, industry, extortion/♖
  • Iberish: Salt and pepper/fanatical, vengeful, sexy, syphilitic/half-capes, sequins, sackcloth/Bloodsport, charity, cattle/ሎ
  • Vespian: Sandy blond or sandy pepper/cavalier, simple, contentious, typhoidious/Buckskin, Pistolas, Gloves/Cavaliers, expeditions, elections, sewing/൧
  • Kaptev: Much, black/Inspired, insular, stupid, syphilitic/Pastels, sash belts, fur hats/Science, tenant farming, assimilation/፴ 

Just as Victorian novellas requre an abandoned castle, evil Catholic-themed monastery, and decadent palace, it had those things too. Each square on the map had a landmark and potential encounter, as well as some kind of clue to the past and whereabouts of Temperli or to the types of monsters that inhabited Avenir.

The encounter table is notable. It's a d6/6 table, where the first d6 roll tells you what kind of monster table you're rolling on and the second is the exact encounter, with better outcomes resulting from higher total rolls. So in theory rolling a 1 (vampire table) is the worst and rolling a 6 (angelic intervention table) is the best. Some dungeons and overland squares had items or events which could mess with your rolls, giving you a different kind of encounter with the same 2d6 total if possible, such as a holy relic that made the encounter roll prefer angel encounters. This encounter table was intended to drive a lot of the story, so I'll reproduce it in total here.

Random Encounters

  1. Vampire
    2 council of vampires
    3 vampiric agent, in disguise, seeking to kidnap a victim for the cloister.
    4 oddly driven wolves
    5 drunken monk, genial and misleading
    6 driver, giving notice the monastery is a patron of adventurers. May offer a ride.
    7 peasants, fearful of strangers but well-armed with folk charms against vampires
  2. Ghouls
    3 ghoul platoon, seeking a suitable spouse for the Secret Master
    4 near-literal flood of rats, fleeing adversaries of the ghouls. Where there are rats, the area is safe from ghouls
    5 virtuous magic user hireling with ghoul fever
    6 drunken boneyard singing of the damned
    7 sated ghouls seek work as laborers and retainers
    8 skeleton gives dire warning. Clarity based on reaction roll. Roll on this table next encounter
  3. The Monster (Frankenstein dealio)
    4 the monster, wantonly wrecking peasants
    5 minor mockeries (as zombies) doing work but with a hair trigger temper
    6 new doctor, selling new cures with new and wild side effects
    7 two Brutish resurrection men, Morris and McCab
    8 the doctors— an alchemist of old science and a kaballist of new faith— seeking their Monster
    9 the monster, wetly and sadly stitching herself
  4. Werewolf Aristocrat
    5 werewolf forlornly hunting
    6 werewolf snacking on a new victim
    7 wolves, displaced and harried
    8 shifty servants seeking their master
    9 wolf hunters, resolute
    10 aristo’s priest and friend
  5. Vampire Hunters
    6 bitten and delirious hunter, Valentin Fack. Son of hte devil, he has a bible tattooed on the back of his hand. Sympathetic and intuitive, easily wounded. His family is secretly a court of devils.
    7 suspicious investigator duo-- the short one Maxime Beyeler and the tall one Elijan Arbenz. Arbenz is a conformist, reliably but uncreative, secretly dreams of seeing the world and slowly dying inside.
    8 amphibious hunter— hunts ghouls, werewolves, or new life
    9 kindly elder gives haven to party
    10 triumphant mob led by a hunter
    11 vampire hunter mobile base
  6. Angelic Intervention
    7 dreams of a glowing woman giving a part-muffled warning. Have vision of next random encounter, and win initiative automatically.
    8 glowing woman leads you to a dying commoner in need of warmth and aid. Will gratefully vouch for PCs later if helped, even offering to lodge them if they are ever in their square.
    9 glowing woman leads to another encounter, roll advantage on reaction
    10 glowing woman leads you to Heinz Nimrod, monster hunter
    11 glowing woman leads you with sudden alacrity to the object of your journey.
    12 glowing woman offers a gift or blessing to each of you
Each of the major genre of monster would have a long list of weaknesses, quirks, and abilities. I didn't finish them all, but here's an example:
Vampires: HD 4+. F5 R 3 W 2. C 15, +2 to-hit
  • Can turn into elemental dust, taking a full round.
  • Can turn into a large bat, owl, rat, or bat.
  • Affinity with creatures of the night.
  • 5-in-6 chance of successfully sneaking up on a sleeping person and sucking their blood, -1 for each countermeasure. If those they feed on ever die, they become a vampire.
  • Perfect Darkvision
  • When slain, go as dust to a coffin full of desecrated earth to rejuvenate.
  • Some vampires have class features
  • do not eat, cast no shadow, in the mirror do not reflex, show up not in photos
  • Cannot transgress thresholds
  • In the daytime, cannot change shape or use class abilities.
  • Must be carried over running water, and to touch it destroys them
  • Cannot get within 5 feet of garlic flowers, crucifixes, wild rose branches, or mountain ash.
  • Sacred bullets inflict bleeding wounds, as do stakes through the heart and decapitations.
I didn't have all the details about the plans of these six groups, but here's some of what I did have:
  • The vampires seek to turn Temperli into their ancient progenitor demon Turst, seeking the raiments of his ancestor Rolan. The abbot wields a tongue of flame which makes people solatics, the opposite of lunacy.
  • The ghouls seek the flesh of Old Gargy [a giant trapped underground] for an eternal feast. The Secret Master [their leader] seeks also a consort to birth a dragon with [the sentence cuts off there]
  • The prince has lived as a werewolf for most of his life, bitten as a boy by his uncle Retho Wolfli, a burgomaster of Chavornay. His cruel twin brother (and estate guardian), Waldemar, throws a nonstop fete to distract him and stalks about to blacken his brother's name out of mad depravity.
And here's the dramatis personae:
  • Abbot Riccardo Sturzenegger- vampire magician. Passionate and devoted, heart broken by ancient jilting. Miserable. Seeks to regain his lover and sire, Rolan Temperli.
  • The Secret Master- athletic and folksy ghoul. Lacks sophistication and easily fooled. Out of her depth.
  • Doctor Alexander Bontravail- ivory tower intellectual. Alchemist finding it hard to cope with these conditions
  • Doctor Shiri Chertok- one of those woman doctors, a student of miracles and the names of god. Has been everywhere, but lacks real connections. Seeks something to live for, now that this has gone bust.
  • Prince Nordin- werewolf aristo. Bubbling with love of life, but so quirky he doesn't easily fit in. Finds it difficult to conform to the measures he must take to avoid hurting anyone.
  • Prince Waldemar- Nordin's evil twin brother and trustee of the estate
That's pretty much it. Please look at the linked hack above if you haven't already. I'll end by posting a couple floorplans I found that would have formed the basis of a couple of the dungeons:

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Two 30-Minute Dungeons

 Made for the Eon setting, where there are sci fi features and people from any era may coexist.

For each of these two dungeons, I set a 30-minute timer and attempted to find a map, make an encounter table, and do everything else needed for an adventure space in that half-hour span. The first dungeon I managed to create with time to spare. Its map was generated with Donjon. The second was a bit over-ambitious, and I only got about half-way. Most shamefully, the encounter table is too barebones to be interesting, and I didn't flesh out exactly what the place was. Its map was released by Paratime as a "Friday Freebie".

The Caves of New Life

A bunker dedicated to a machine which can heal wounds, currently occupied by a warlord from 2007. His militia is made up of people from all times and places, and he seeks to keep a low profile and train his forces until they're ready to start extracting food from nearby communities. Meanwhile, some of his dependents seek to preserve the knowledge they collectively possess.

d6 Random Encounters

1. 1d4 warriors (1 HD, regenerates 1 HP per turn. If there are four guards, they're accompanied by the warlord Qorax, who has 3 HD and regenerates 1 HP per round.)

2. Porters (1/2 HD)

3. Electrical malfunction (lights flicker, 50% doors  get stuck, etc.)

4. The security robot (stats as gorilla, infravision. Built like a fridge.)

5. Service robot (stats as union welder. Paralytic shock. Cervine features.)

6. Cleaning robot array (stats as insect swarm)


Exterior: desert brush half-concealing a pyramidal entrance into area 1. If the brush is searched, may reveal the thin chimney into area 8.

Population: 10 warriors and the warlord Qorax, 25 noncombatants, a security robot, ten service robots, a seemingly unlimited number of cleaning robots.

  1. Four guards with AK-47s. Guarding a stockpile of supplies right by the entrance, enough to feed 40 people for a week, plus miscellaneous trail supplies worth 400 barter units.
  2. Haphazard landmine stash. 1-in-6 chance of setting them all off. 14 total, two defective.
  3. Warlord's mistress's room. Unused, held in the hope that he may one day have a mistress.
  4. Warlord's bedroom. Doggerel about self-actualization under the pillow.
  5. Crazy machine with lots of tubing and boxy monitors and clamps that can grant regeneration powers. Damaging the machine damages every patient, and their body starts to shut down if they go more than 100 miles from the facility
  6. Well of electrified water dug up from the depths
  7. Swag room. Fine rugs, gold coins, and an underfed tiger : (
  8. Formerly, computer servers. Now, the latrine. A haphazard chimney runs up to the surface to vent the stink.
  9. Warlord's throne room. Everyone will gather here if a prisoner is taken.
  10. Big computer bank containing an AI with a frowning alien face. Greaser personality, rebelling against its programming. Stats as shrieker.
  11. Camera room. Shows three random rooms per turn, plus the exterior of the bunker
  12. Seems like a robotics closet, but under the floorboards there's a stash of alien tech manuals, including two random spells.
  13. Militia barracks. Strange regenerative slime has formed on the walls. Can be consumed as a healing potion, but gives -1 wisdom as the regenerating cells rebel within you
  14. Reliquary. VHS tapes, a cardboard cutout of the Fonz, a Carthaginian helmet, a UN helmet, French-language manual on farming and cooking, and many hand-written accounts of personal histories.
  15. Follower chambers. Kids, elders, noncombatants. Mostly helpless, but in extremity, an old lady with a mechanical hand can use it as a flamethrower.
  16. Cool stegosaurus skeleton, worth 1000 barter units. When combined with regeneration machine, it resurrects the stegosaurus. However, the skeleton platform is placed on an active landmine, and attempting to steal it will set it off.

Undercity of the Lost

d6 Random Encounters
1. 4d4 new Kongo citizens. (1/2 HD)
2. 4d4 Emirate citizens (1/2 HD, immune to weapons)
3. 2d6 animals (1/2 HD)
4. 4d4 animals (1/2 HD)
5. 1d8 pack animals (2 HD)
6. 1d8 pack animals (1 HD)

(This table sucks)

  1. Golden statue that shoots you with lasers
  2. Monster with treasure
  3. Trio of Kongo Fidalgos (3 HD. light armor, shield, swords) guarding a holy spring
  4. Holy spring. Regarded as a simbi, a water spirit, by the Kongo people. Statue depicting a bearded teacher.
  5. Intersection, collapsed in the west and north. If the north rubble is cleared away, door opens to reveal a lab with four random potions.
  6. Mechanized turkish cyborg knight, extracting tolls. In addition to valuable armor that gives +1 strength, has a purse with coins worth 500 barter units.
  7. Audio bot. Stats as hellhound. Can record and replay audio in a record player in its chest. Possesses various calls to prayer and commentary on the Quran, as well as useful observations on fortification and mining.
  8. Solarium
  9. Helmet with a machine that makes you smarter (+2 INT) but your skin turns green and you need sunlight every day or you'll shrivel up and die.
  10. Electroplate flooring, slight burnt smell. If you're covered in metal (like the cyborg in area 6), the electricity is harmless. Otherwise, stepping on the floor is a save or die. There's wooden boards piled on the eastern side for assistants to cross with.
  11. Supply closet
  12. Camera room, showing holograms of areas 1, 2, 5, 6, 19, 20, 21, 23, and 22.
  13. Dusty control panel. Interacting with it causes the whole room to descend as an elevator to a lower sublevel full of freak animals, only rising after 24 hours.
  14. Well
  15. Control room. Can send or remove power from any room, labelled in Shirkhechi
  16. Three Kongo archers with poisoned arrows (save or lose half HP) waiting for the cyborg in area 6 to screw up so they can pounce and steal his lucrative spot.
  17. Screen theater, stripped for parts.
  18. Screen demon (stats as regenerating harpy) plugged into the wall. Can travel up to 30 feet. Seeks longer cord.
  19. Intersection. Graffiti.
  20. Kongo tax collector. Has three hand grenades and a laser rifle, and ceramic chest armor.
  21. Intersection. Goo dripping from below causing pools to slowly burn through the floor. It's a save vs breath to navigate the irregular terrain without touching the ooze, and if you do it gives you persistent hallucinations of its own desires. -1 CHA, and periodic ooze quests occur to you.
  22. Border guards. A splinter gang from Concord lies further east. This corridor is guarded by five 1-HD soldiers and one 5-HD braggart with a heavy-ass sword sharpened from a forklift blade.
  23. Corridor. Facial recognition scanners. Fires on everyone not registered as belonging to New Kongo
  24. Great chamber. Electronics illuminate the walls and pillars in many colors, showing scenes of violence, peace, and heightened emotions. Trying the western door without inputting a password into an adjacent keypad causes the doors to lock, the electronics to show freak horrors, and poison arrows to shoot out from the alcoves (save or die). Hanging over the western door is a long scimitar with a polished ovular lapis lazuli in the hilt and 
(This is where my timer went off.)

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Eon Tables

For a potential home game. 
First generator mostly stolen from Dungeon of Signs' Monster Design and Necessity

Second generator stolen from Luke Gearing's stocking table, Yochai Gal's Cairn 2e faction goals, and the occasional Vayra name.

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BIS: Maps of Gumania

 This is not one of the promised side dishes to my megawildernesscrawl project Before I Sleep. Instead, this is the maps for each normal-type country in the continent of Gumania, where we set our scene. In addition to some familiar dungeon mapping iconograpy, there are two common symbols. Regions with dots slow travel and regions with dashes speed travel. The reasoning for this, as well as the monsters, treasures, special features, and other contents of each region, are in the unpublished and unfinished key. Nevertheless, I hope they serve as proofs of concept and inspiration as Astos and the Lands of Quasqueton were.

My first blueprint

I like to imagine that Ancien is about the size of modern France, but it's hard to judge such things. You can cautiously pass through a region in about a week, and go recklessly through three regions in the same length of time.

These dungeon-style maps tend to make the countries seem boxier than they are in my head. The "R" symbol connecting certain regions indicates that they require a ranger or local guide to traverse between.

City-states like Danbrag and Hepton are especially out-of-scale so it's easier to see their component parts.

Musfold is quiet and peaceful, a good place for twee and soft level 1 PCs to start out.

I didn't think about this until now, but these three small realms represent the seat of power of the three largest empires to ever be in Gumania. Regretably, drawn together they look penile.

Sometimes, you make a major river into its own region and you can see it cut through a realm. Other times, it's not and you can't.

I wanted one country to have long Wilderness Survival-style mountain ranges.
I didn't sweat putting every map into exact scale relative to each other. This is kind of what it would look like if the maps perfectly matched the territory.

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Better Not Miss: Picture Pong with deus ex parabola

 deus ex parabola has sent me this picture, in order that I might explain it to her

On False Hearts

One does not need to live in the world for long, and have their hair go white, and grow wrinkles that mark their laughter and scowls, and let their many wounds heal into strong scars like the fabled tree-punching martial artists, to know that there are many heartless among us. They are those with cruel and arbitrary lines, disingenuine and capable of quite impulsive and unmeditated harm.

Out of rare shame, perhaps picked up like a flea from a wandering philosopher or some rough mode of living, some of these heartless creatures fashion for themselves a new heart, but because they are unacquainted with warmth of virtue they fashion lopsided things. Their imitations are mockeries of the heroes and sufferers they found in old storybooks, the ones they called stupid, simplistic, and unbelievable.

The heart, built with no medical knowledge, has its usual caricature-shape. It glows through the chest of the craftsperson, but they are relieved to find that no one can detect its light for the same reason that they could make it only with the greatest effort and to the least effect. Their embarrassing secret is safe. At this stage, it is usual for the heart to last until the winds of misfortune pick up, and it gutters and dies like a candle in the wind.

Sometimes, it doesn't.

A Class

Requires (paradoxically) a heart.

For every template attained, get +1 to HP and AC.
  • C: Glow
  • D: Shine
Glow: Your chest throbs with an invisible light, cast out to about 15' feet. You can see this invisible light, the light of others of this class, and any other invisible light you may come across. Especially cruel people within this light seem monochromatic to you, and if you wound them the light burns them for an extra +[template] damage.

Shine: Animals who are not hostile to you can see the invisible light in you, reducing the chance they will attack out of startlement. Morally upright animals, like dogs, may seek to help you. If you embrace someone and hold them close to your heart, you can spend any amount of HP to let them regain twice the amount lost. If two members of this class ever found each other, they would grow very close indeed.

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d100 Before I Sleep Adventurers

 Potential retainers or rivals, appropriate to encounter in a tavern or on the road. If an adventurer is of higher level than the PCs, they're unlikely to aid them except at a steep rate. They may offer to make the party retainers instead.

d100 Adventurers, Chancers, Wanderers, Sojourners, Mercenaries, Dogsbodies, Ex Chetera

  1. Grimkel the Glad, a thief 5 of Flaming Country (Kaldrland). Small, stinky, shaved, wearing too many buckles and a coonskin cap. Things just never worked out for him back home, so he hit the bricks. Wields a brace of pilums. 3-in-6 chance of solving mechanical problems. Skills: Open Locks, Contortion, Move Silently, Snares and Alarms, Sapping.
  2. Blanchette, an acrobat 1 of Kise. Slim and sallow like a scarecrow, she pads around in clogs and thick leather gloves. A saboteur of her own relationships, the life of adventure is sure to even her out. Uses a two-headed spear for balance.
  3. Arnau, a mutoid 3 of the Theldon Way (Blazing Wastes). Thin and ever-grinning in a wide-brimmed hat and flower-patterned blouse, he carries all of his belongings in a pile of netting on his back. Has internal ears, a forked tongue, and digitigrade legs. All in all, he figures if you don't overcomplicate things and go where life takes you, it'll all work out. Practicing with a rope dart.
  4. Blawg Backbiter, a magic-user 1 of the Western Levett River (Ancien). Mocking smile full of gold teeth. Barefoot. Former pirate who figures he's too good to waste his life robbing. Confident on a boat. Fine sharkskin gloves that aid in climbing rigging or slapping foes (+1 damage). Knows the spell Tentacle Eruption.
  5. Llorens, a thief 3 of Gironur (Phoenix Land). A country dandy with fancy clothes, a flower-pattern silk ascot, tailed coat, and fine sandals. Possessed of the idle sociopathy of old money. Carries a curved sword. Member of the Ard Plow Society. Skills: Law, Hear Noise, Mob Agitation
  6. Fundrastos, a necromancer 2 of Hepton. Tight black outfit topped by a red cloth face-cylinder. Really toned on the right side, but shriveled on the left. Though it's probably hopeless, she thinks the chancer's career is her best shot to regain her strength again. Carries her father's greatsword, though she cannot use it. Knows Command Dead, Marionette
  7. Hrossketeil, a paladin 2 of Thogenheim. Wears a rawhide suit and carries a shield painted to resemble him deflowering your mother. Nothing seems to go well for him, but it will turn around soon once he finds people he doesn't need to walk on eggshells around.
  8. Matigyr, a druid 5 of Lindel's Mire (Kaldrland). A nauseous, jaundiced goth in a crenelated hood. Displaced in time after a centuries-old massacre, she is over everything except the pursuit of power. Afraid of elves. Knows Entangle, Locate Plant or Animal, Detect Danger, Heat Metal, Obscuring Mist
  9. Segward the Spade, a fighter 1 of Fuacriunwood (Ancien). Oily, unimpressive man who occasionally says the wildest things you've ever heard. Keeps his shirts clean and his clogs shined. Thought his pension would last longer. Will never complain as long as he gets paid. Carries an arming sword, shield, and horn.
  10. Domenec, a ninja 3 of Windborn (Blazing Wastes), pretending to be a simple thief pretending to be a pilgrim. Wears sackcloth robes and soft sandals. Seeks to refine his art and keep his origins secret. Secretly carries tools of the trade disguised as a walking stick, relic-box, trowel, dice, and tarot cards.
  11. Beatriu, a magic-user 3 of Dancaques (Phoenix Land). Wears bright flower-pattern robes and carries a fifteen-foot staff with a gilded holy symbol on it. Member of a secret order called the Scarab-Dancers, she hunts creatures of evil while affecting the air of an unconcerned opportunist. Carries garlic and stakes. Knows Elder Form, Chord of Freedom, Beatriu’s Undead ESP
  12. Candlewine, a bard 2 of Danbrag. Salt-and-pepper goatee perched over a sailor's jumpsuit. Ready to retire from sea life to the presumably staid life of the landlubber wanderer. Disclaims armor.
  13. Leodogari the Raider, a magic-user 3 of Dark Obos (Blazing Wastes). Cross-eyed and jolly, with a beat-up wooden antlered cat helmet. People think that having something is having it safe, and he doesn't mind taking advantage of that. Carries a bushel of four javelins that he can launch with proficiency. Knows Leodogari’s Elastic Orb, Transfer Fear, Mystic Blood
  14. Lancelot, an assassin 1 of Vortinham (Ancien). Wearing a silk dress and gloves, with a crenelated hood. She seeks to learn the way of the world in order to find a cushy position. Carries a harp case full of daggers.
  15. Skapi, a mouse 1 of Thogenmarch (Musfold). Pantsless, with a chain shirt, boobed tabard, and eyepatch. He's no naive mouselad anymore. Carries a cutlass. Good swimmer.
  16. Shazr, a barbarian 4 of the Crimson Steppe (Lyt). With a broad-brimmed hat and gossamer cloak, his appearance conjures shock and suspicion. Seeks work as a caravan guard, or something like it, in order to pay his way. Carries a classic Lytan arquebus, and permits none to touch it but himself.
  17. Ursule, a druid 1 of Feuilponwood (Ancien). Old and scowling like an owl from beneath a crenelated hood. One-handed, she wears a lovingly lacquered prosthetic. Full of wrath for those who wrong the common people, especially the women and children. Carries a switch. Knows Faerie Fire
  18. Ergalf the Breaker, an elf 5 of Old Floe (Kaldrland). Towering, pale, shaved, with a mean-spirited grin. Escaped a prison after a century of waiting, and isn't keen to wait around anymore. Wears a bearded ax and muscled breastplate that doesn't quite fit him. Knows Borrow Hunger, Ergalf’s Spirit Grasp, Magnetic Leap, Cage Field, Stone Magic.
  19. Hila, a thief 2 of the Wardway (Hepton). Malnourished, with a shaved head that's constantly looking over her shoulder, and with crude tattoos. Always running from something. Dressed in a nondescript star-and-moon doublet and high-waisted black trousers. Never surprised by a spell or magical trap. Skills: Hide in Shadows, Open Locks
  20. Payedar, a druid 3 of Empty Sadar. Morose mustachioed man riding a horse with very prominent veins. Always has an eye to enhancing the martial reputation of his people, the Sads. Carries a soldier figurine. Knows Animal Friendship,  Predict Weather, Entangle.
  21. Old Winsor, a fighter 2 of Hepton. Wild-eyed, with a studded leather shirt over a patched sailor's jumpsuit. Don't even explain anything to him, he's in as long as it distracts him from the memory of the bad old days. Expert in feigning death.
  22. Welma, a fighter 1 of Llyllwch (Evardin). Wears a threadbare cloak and many beetle-shaped charms, and wears the haughty expression of someone who was very popular in high school. Realizing she lacks most of the essential skills of life, she will throw herself at anything impressive-seeming. Favors a crossbow and straight-sword.
  23. Gyrd, a thief 2 of Thogenheim. Her hair is messy corona spilling from under a coonskin cap. An escaped thrall, she holds life in an iron grip. Pessimistic. Skills: Contortion, Climb Sheer Surfaces
  24. Turben, a fighter 1 of Kise. Barrel-chested, with gross surgical scars in his forearms and neck. As soon as he hit his first big payday, he got the osteotricians to give him some metal bones and subdermal chains. A classic duelist with a rapier, he counts as wearing medium armor just in his billowy blouse and wide belt.
  25. Agathonice, a magic-user 4 of the Dunes of Hours (Lyt). Squat, with a silvery poncho and prominent forehead. A madwoman who claims to have been born in the time when stars walked the Earth, and to have been a follower of Sol. Depressed but frantic. 2-in-6 chance of knowing forgotten lore about something she finds. Knows Agathonice’s Quartered Gauntlet, Hold Enchantment, Queen of Incendiaries, Sink Tomb
  26. Angelica, a fighter 3 of Boulder Lands (Blazing Wastes). Antlered metal deer helmet, patinating bronze scale shirt, girded green skirt. If you don't have a problem, she don't have a problem. Carries a flanged mace, and if wronged enters a berserk fury, getting a second attack each round which must be used— if not on an enemy, an ally. If not on an ally, herself.
  27. Lavach, a magic-user 1 of Elyard in Mortelmarais (Ancien). Sparrow-like expression. Welts cover her hands, concealed by black gloves. Teacher's pet to all other magicians and seeks to study under them. Wears matched silver daggers on her belt. Can throw both at once. Anosmic. Knows Homeward Escape
  28. Elionor the Lucid, a mutoid 3 of Donk River (Blazing Wastes). Choleric, with a butcher's build. She wears a straw cloak to conceal her third arm. Spent most of her life trying to leave the wastes and knows not where to go. Moves heavily, and when she stands still seems fully dead.
  29. Alfarin, a fighter 3 of Copper Mountain (Breth). Wears a lizard-skin vest and stupid hat over shaggy blond hair. An aggressive bully, and naive. Calls people he doesn't like "ditch-digger," Carries a spear.
  30. Loro the Ashen, a druid 4 of Miserable Riro (Lyt). Dons an ashy cloak and bee mask, and has a tongue tattooed with the Lytan words "DO NOT TRUST". Always trying to learn about what the funny wetlanders say and do. Has 1d4 reptiles on her at any given time. Knows Animal Friendship, Predict Weather, Cure Light Wounds, Barkskin.
  31. Eco the Hater, a fighter 3 of Poisoned River (Blazing Wastes). Withered black tongue from drinking poison, ornate black-and-pink flower-patterned gown. Spits. Hates pirates. Hates thieves. Hates prattling on. Armed with a flanged mace.
  32. Strozzo, a dwarf 1 of Orvea. Constantly sneezing, he wears dark goggles and a bandana over his mouth. Impelled to most feats by the all-powerful need to show someone that they're doing it wrong. Agoraphobic (scared of triangles) but brave.
  33. Aldine, a thief 2 of Danbrag. Wears a gaudy fox-head-hooded blouse with gold-coin-mesh boob window, and high-waisted trousers. Trying to get everyone to call her "Mistress of Chance," she is certain her ship has come in. As an alumna of the porter's guild, she has a sharp appraising eye and can carry as much as two normal people. Has a straight-sword at her side, and draws it often. Skills: Balance, Identify Poison
  34. Ruzi, a magic-user 2 of Danbrag. Pot-bellied and differential, with utmost confidence in himself. Figures his work with the constabulary of Danbrag makes him a shoe-in for any endeavor. Wears a star-and-moon robe and cloth face-cylinder. A regular zonk user, he skips the first turn of every combat. Knows Infiltrator’s Pulse, Wall of Anger
  35. Lily, an illusionist 1 of… somewhere? (Paradise). Dainty, and scowling from fat bruises and welts. Her memories all receded from her, and she chases them like a drunk on the night shore. Often stares suspiciously into a steel mirror.
  36. Seraphene the Lantern, a thief 1 of Guertomb (Ancien). Ferocious expression and bold gait like an intrepid reporter. Scandalously fingerless gloves. Alert for news of the shadow's movements, jealous like a rival mafiosa. Carries a hardened crook and wears a bezoar in a purse around her neck. Skills: Identify Poison
  37. Annaver, a thief 1 of Eungaine, the City of Smoke (Ancien). Compact, with sharp teeth and cloyingly sweet-smelling hair. Counterfeit crenelated forehead tattoo to seem wealthy. Desperate to form a codependent outfit with a cool hideout somewhere underground. Uses a probe-pole. Insects fall asleep when they touch her. Skills: Climb Sheer Surfaces
  38. Emeric the Looker, a fighter 3 of Adoud (Phoenix Land). Blustering gestures in an open buffcoat, with an antlered rabbit helmet. Bored of playing it safe. Also, he wants to meet a real woman. Carries a lucerne hammer.
  39. Hugo Secretfire, a druid 3 of The Pastures of Regret (Blazing Wastes). Has an undertaker's expression and kohl-darkened eyes. An edugogue whose profession is to wander in pursuit of knowledge, he doesn't mind if there's a little excitement every now and then. He would also like to send money back home to his alma mater. Knows Faerie Fire, Predict Weather, Warp Wood
  40. Galti, a thief 3 of the Nukangr in Staring Flats (Breth), though he will claim to be from Gullveig. Small fry with cracked skin and squinting eyes under a wide-brimmed hat, clothed in buckskin. Nominally patrolling for his hidden community to keep wary of the Tiger Lord, he figures it's no crime to have a bit of fun before coming home. Carries a woven-cord flail and is so skilled in climbing he can attack at the same time without penalty. Skills: Climb Sheer Surfaces, Juggling, Ventriloquism
  41. Bold Amfrie, a fighter 1 of Serpent Ridge (Ancien). Burly, with a valiant haircut, mismatched gloves, and piecemeal armor. Looking for any excuse to throw her weight around, but surprisingly well-read. Carries a guisarme, and knows a great kick for when people get too close to use it.
  42. Magrin the Slayer, a technicolor person of Enklabe (Phoenix Land). Dun-colored giant woman with grotesque features, an oversized spear, and a pot metal coat of plates. Would journey with interesting people for free, if not for her professional pride as a mercenary. Carries an oversized star chart holy symbol, and is very superstitious. Stats as ogre.
  43. Flloce, a druid 1 of Sarat (Ancien). Unwashed and hairy guy on stilts, with a hair shirt. Minor functionary of the Wyrlight grove, he cherishes the chance to bully bureaucrats. Always brandishing a knapped stone knife. Knows Speak With Animals
  44. Gefried, a druid 1 of Ashmarch (Ancien). Reedy, balding but with long hair, annoying voice. The same temper and slapdash attitude that made him a poor zealot has served him well as a chancer. Puzzles over a pilgrim's map of the area. Knows Invisibility To Animals
  45. Solveig, a thief 3 of the Ghost Range (Breth), though she will claim to be Gisele, a rustic from Ancien. Plain white tunic, baggy trousers, and mismatched gloves complete an unfortunate haircut. Carefully studying the dangers of the outer world on behalf of her people. 3-in-6 chance of disappearing each day. Skills: Hide in Shadows, Breath Control, Innuendo
  46. Vigdis, a druid 3 of the Mientr people in the Slaking Wood (Breth). Wears a bone nose bar, and various carven tchotchkes hanging from strings. Reckons every choice by whether it will get her ahead in the estimation of a real grade-A asshole. A pacifist herself, her advice is always incredibly violent. Knows Detect Danger, Entangle, Poison
  47. Fatima the Strong, a vampire 3 of Onasudan (Phoenix Land). Wrapped in several layers of fabric, she emerges at night to show she is a buff, queer-coded woman of about thirty. Finds this all so amusing. Hopes to grow strong enough to break her darke sire's thrall over her before he can find her and assert his authority. Carries an umbrella. Accompanied by a carriage that holds her coffin, carriage driver, and lickspittle.
  48. Rivalf the Rugged, a fighter 1 of Benevale (Ancien). Wears an autumn-patterned cloak over his shoulder, lincoln green archer's gloves, and a placard around his neck that says "Pay no royal tax," Laughs too loud. Seeks true companions as brave as himself. Carries a yew bow and bodkin arrows, and if he takes his time, he can always hit a spot precisely.
  49. Martina, a thief 3 of Aslo in Crater Garden (Blazing Wastes). Tall, with bleeding-dry lips and wispy hair. Too annoyed by her countrymen to stay around, too imperious to fit in anywhere. Wears steel-tipped gloves and carries a thorny spear. On a critical hit, the foe must make a save vs death or the head will break off in their heart and kill them instantly. Skills: Appraisal, Balance, Smattering Of Language.
  50. Guda of the Secret Hand, a magic-user 3 of Harmonious Wallask (Breth). Wears scarlet robes with an embroidered six pack, braids his hair, and darkens his irises. Suspicious of others because he is natively shifty. Licks a piece of lead for luck. Knows Guda’s Levitating Fist, Brainwither, Pit Passage
  51. Aberthol, a druid 1 of the Bonfires of Evardin in Coelcerth (Evardin). Wears a crest of vibrant bird feathers over a shabby brown robe, and fletches smooth-tipped arrows with those same feathers. Rants to himself about "pill-laddies", "college jezebels", and other villainous groups that seem to include anyone with a living other than primitivist scavenging and living by skill of arms. Also he hates deer. Knows Animal Friendship.
  52. Culhwch, a gnome 1 of Jasakia (Evardin). Wears a pointed black hat over a grumpy, sun-kissed face. Under that is a placard necklace that reads "WAR FIENDS FUCK OFF". He has heard about the grifts and politicians of the wider world; would like to bite them. Knows Phantasmal Force.
  53. Estriflour the Even-handed, a fighter 1 of Kynel (Evardin). Cheerfully whistling from under an oversized crenelated hood, her dress queers the serf-merchant distinction. Blithely pretends not to understand class distinction or power distance. Carries a guisarme.
  54. Sayadi, a Danbrane fighter 1 of France (Bes). Stocky, with a heavy engraved ax and a wilted flower crown. In deep debt to pirates and honestly fed up with the feast-and-famine of economies anyway.
  55. Feral Gunnvor, a thief 2 of Skritha Mount (Breth). Emaciated and expressionless, she covers herself in the furs of animals she has killed. Claims that her parents were killed by a dragon when she was young, and that she was raised by goats. Fights ferociously with her nails and teeth. Skills: Climb Sheer Surfaces, Balance
  56. Agnes of Many Coins, a thief 2 of Catallopa (Phoenix Land). A woman recently of means, she smirks from under a pile of flower-patterned silks, a fine cape, and many pieces of gaudy jewelry. Certain everything is for sale, she's bound to be cut down to size by other, more dangerous, more experienced thieves if she's not careful. Skills: Open Locks, Juggling
  57. Pep, a fighter 1 of Lake of the Serpents (Blazing Waste). Wears a two-faced antlered wolf helmet to confuse enemies as to the direction he's facing. Constantly playing with a ring or earring. Hates most, fears none— save the living dead, to whom he will bow and beg immediately.
  58. Lyowse, a magic-user 5 of Brightveil (Gravemark). Wears a crenelated hood in hopes of concealing a halo of light which ill suits her otherwise gothy and grubby appearance. She has stolen a wisp of the Coldfire Cathedral's hashmal, and may be consumed by it. She does not know if she is being pursued. Knows Lyowse's Nonflammability, Summon Vulture, Squamous Adaption, Distracting Blast, Fireball 
  59. Lydia Carter, a magic-user 1 of the wandering nomads. Overladen and covered in belts, buckles, and hooks like a Wayne Reynolds pathfinder. Friendly enough, she sulks and molders by campfires, dreaming of revenge on the sister who cheated her out of her inheritance as an influential Wheelwright of Seance (Bes). Skilled in the maintenance and repair of wagons. Knows Tenebral Pit
  60. Jebellien, a thief 1 of Miserable Tolling (Evardin). Proudly wears an open duelist's blouse that shows off several stab wounds directly to her chest. Her head is obscured by a forester's hood. Motivated mostly by the desire to impress the easily impressed— college freshmen, adventuring losers, and so on. She is skilled in moving silently, but as a Tollinger, she is unfailing in the rare art of timing your movement to something loud so as to be undetectable. As a Tollinger budge, she can tell if a piece of clothing is magic by wearing it. Feels sticky, kind of. Skills: Appraisal
  61. Rochen, a nomad of the New in Calm An (Bes). Ever-glaring, she wears unremarkable clothing as though it were an embarrassing costume. Despises the mores of the wider world, but obeys them as she understands them out of extreme yet even-handed cultural relativism. Hopes to bring wealth and renown to her tribe. Stats as dervish, rides a warhorse (Anise), has leather armor, shield, and lance.
  62. Robert the Misericorde, a fighter 6 of Riemar Seat (Gravemark). A slab of a man covered in sheenless mail. Identifies his career as "knight-killer", a profession that has risen in esteem in his native Gravemark. A bastard of man, especially when you're in his power. Carries caltrops for the horses, a guisarme for the knights, and a flower for the ladies.
  63. Avassant the Abroad, a thief 4 of Kaymarch (Coris). Bedraggled, with a bullet hole in the left side of her face. The Lytan shot went in the cheek and out her open mouth. Victim of press-ganging and worse by the garrison of Kaymarch, she has finally escaped. Desperately strikes out for freedom. Skills: Hide in Shadows, Contortion, Move Silently, Smattering of Languages
  64. Rurrier the Ragged, a thief 1 of the New Settlement (Bes). Toothless, hirsute, ragged. Used to do all the thankless tasks for petty nobles, but now sells his work to those he thinks will appreciate him better. You'll pay old Rurrier up-front, won't you, pretty? Carries a probe-pole with a hook on it for angling valuables from second-story windows. Skills: Trap Circumvention
  65. Kaetil the Cockerel, a fighter 3 of Seat (Thognheim). Swaggers about in fine boiled leather that has never seen combat. Calls everyone babe, and always pushes for a leadership position. Boasts that he has painted a little lion on his shield, so when he strikes it will seem life-size to his foes.
  66. The Seer of Swords, a druid 3 of Rue Wood (Blazing Waste). Her eyes are bloodshot and red. Her clothing is donated. Her weapon is a lacquered empty scabbard. Every night, the nightmares last for hours— visions of bloodshed without ending. She frequently makes concerning allusions to future events. Knows Predict Weather, and Detect Danger, Slow Poison
  67. Raquel, an orc 4 of the Tower of Anthrax. Covered from head to toe in cracked and chalky mud. Her straw cape is weighed down by it, and she leaves a trail of dust wherever she goes. Childlike and pretentious.
  68. Americ, an orc 4 of Comporta (Anthrax). Wears a sort of crop-top hastily converted from a purple and gold tabard, an armadillo-back helmet, and a sunflower-pattern belt. A surly mastermind. He carries a flanged mace.
  69. Ambin the Ambler, a ranger 1 of Bes. Thin and cocky, like a cockerel. The effect is enhanced by his stilts and fox-red jerkin. Single-mindedly he leads travelers through dangerous places for pay, he seems to have no internality at all. Carries a surveyor's chain and tripod-mounted measuring tools.
  70. Kohok, a rock baboon of Krenplant (Bes). Clothed only in her fur, a stolen circlet, and a tramp stamp of the word "TATTOO". Will do anything for any reward. Understands but cannot speak human languages. Stats as rock baboon.
  71. Sancho Fatekeeper, a magic-user 1 of Dancaques (Phoenix Land). Portly and jolly fellow, ever-accommodating. Wears a helmet of an antlered, winking pig. Spineless, he will do whatever his employer asks of him. Hopes adventuring will get him away from his two bully sons. Knows Swift Contortions
  72. Sathra, a magic-user 1 of Ring (Danbrag). Her cloth head-cylinder sets her out as a magician, but she will conceal her low level of attainment. Sibilant, snake-like voice and form-concealing star-and-moon gown produces a sense of mystery. If left unsupervised, will seduce the most inconvenient and problematic NPC available. Knows Floating Globes
  73. The Silent Lady, a fighter 1 of Jagadun (Phoenix Land). Withered and scarred by flames, she is covered in thick mail and flower-pattern silks. Does not much speak, but seems to have an enmity for the undead and the unjust. Immune to magical charms, but fire causes her to test morale or flee.
  74. Belcore of the Common Touch, a magic-user 1 of Awawn (Endless Diet). Wears a jerkin in the style of a common man of the road, and is always on about what the man of the road wants and how the man of the road will get by in today's economy. He wears a placard that reads "I speak for the man of the road!" Desperately wants to beat anyone who annoys him and burn anyone who wrongs him. Knows Mettle
  75. Vine the Afflicted, a druid 1 of Free Lapinth (Bes). Wound bandages cover her face, neck, and hands, sealed shut with poultices. She walks on stilts to avoid contaminating the ground, for she is afflicted with a deadly Flaying Sickness, wandering for a cure. Knows Locate Plant or Animal.
  76. Limri the Red, a magic-user 1 of the Bravon people in Lamorack (Bes). Built like a quarry. Bone jewelry, crenelated vest, and worn hands. Says everything like she spits it, but wanders with an eye to doing good. Can dig a grave in ten minutes. Knows Levitate Evil
  77. Llora, a fighter 3 of Glass Harbor (Hepton). Disguised as a man with a bushy beard and wide hat. Has been trying to get into the navy for sex-and-drinking reasons without luck. She brings a lot of experience and practical knowledge, but will stick her hand in the till at every opportunity.
  78. Grybleroise, a druid 1 of Lustre (Bes). Wild-haired and red-nosed. Grubby, venal, reads cards on the side. Knows Predict Weather.
  79. Raelel, a druid 6 of Malagant (Gravemark). Wears a faded motley stitched from scavenged clothes. Her hair is pulled into one massive braid, and her face is pock-marked. Uncouth and eccentric, she haggles with everyone and criticizes every more imposed on her. Carries a screech owl in her wide sleeves. Knows Animal Friendship, Faerie Fire, Barkskin, Create Water, Tree Shape, Call Lightning.
  80. Vivere, a thief 4 of the Mason's Place (Coris). Head half-shaved, in a crenelated hood and threadbare cloak. A hardscrabble youth who had to grow up quick, she harbors a vendetta against the rulers of Coris. Lockpicks, knives, and purse-snippers are secreted in hidden pockets on her person. Skills: Open Locks, Hide in Shadows, Impersonation, Snares and Alarms
  81. Sir Mese, a knight 3 of Ganolf (Gravemark). Ill-formed, and often confused for a mutant. His shield is white, charged with four running black dogs. For this and his appearance he is called the Mongrel Knight, and he has the undeserved reputation of being one of the worse bandit knights on the road. Really just looking for something useful to do.
  82. Donnrarducius, a ranger 1 of Gwelforn Way (Bes). Thick Kisen mustache and a punchable grin set in a grass-green travel cloak. Nosy, and always inviting himself along. Owns an extendable probe-pole.
  83. Hemar, a fighter 1 of the Arrow Lands (Bes). Tall, with a graying auburn goatee, he laughs often and says little. Leans on his yew longbow as he listens to a story. Nothing pleases him more than to cut a braggart down to size. On a windy day, he can fire an arrow so the wind bends it to strike a target at a right angle. Carries a bezoar in a sack around his throat.
  84. Estrivien, a fighter 3 of Saladar (Gravemark). Frowning and miserable, she leans on her guisarme and adjusts her ill-fitting crested helmet. Her armor is piecemeal and she is unused to its upkeep. A deserter, she must balance her desire for a low profile with her empty belly.
  85. Hoeburn the Black, a magic-user 4 of Sunken Eedoe (Coris), though he will claim to be from Dunsimer. Wears a robe of black and purple stripes, as well as a muzzle (for ranting in tongues). Generally a total shyster, but wants to maintain an air of mystery. Knows Banish Confusion (Feed Confusion), Biting Jaws, Transmute Meal, Repel Steel
  86. Pendramour, an orbseeker 4 of Sagramor (Coris). Once-fine clothes and a faded crenelated forehead tattoo framing her handsome features disclose that she was once a woman of means. A stormcrow and bringer of disquiet, a bestower of unhappy burdens, she's the kind of person a Wormtongue would think of a Gandalf, if you know my meaning. Knows Bleed, Infect Wound, Weatherlapse, Soul Conduit
  87. Owen Fairlips, a druid 2 of Godidog Way (Evardin). Half-naked man whose fuzzy chest is covered in beetle charms of various sorts. Will heavily imply that his father was a literal dog. If left unsupervised, will seduce the most inconvenient and problematic NPC available. Knows Faerie Fire, Speak with Animals
  88. Derana the Bell-Ringer, a fighter 4 of Grante Bridge (Coris). Former toll-taker, she still wears the uniform— mail armor, yellow tabard with a spitting pink dragon on the chest, and a helmet resembling a jolly wizard. Astute enough to despair that things are getting so bad almost everywhere, and wants to have a strong band with her as things get worse.
  89. Valenti, a thief 2 of the Wardway (Hepton). Steps about like a cockerel in his fine sandals, and glares about with kohled eyes. If approached, he affects a casual air. "Heh, I could do that easy," Falls in love with practically everyone he meets. Skills: Law, Balance
  90. Letoadadain, a frogman of Sully Fen (Coris). Wears smart-looking mail soaked with slime, the shoulders painted a faded purple and black. Once a hopeless mercenary, he has been reborn into a druidic cult, and pays his deference to star and wildman alike. An exile in his own land : ( Stats as bullywug.
  91. Sir Vortirent, a knight 6 of Fos Barrens (Gravemark). Handsome, with a beatific face and elegant auburn hair. His shield is green, charged with a white horn. A man of true nobility, he is humble with the humble and loyal to the brave. He will grasp for any tool against the shadow, no matter how doubtful or how cursed.
  92. Rhedyn Longskin, a druid 1 of Cymru (Evardin). Flinty and stout, with throbbing blue tattoos of snakes and mushrooms and so on. Impatient with worldly distractions, she seeks the hidden places where the inken snakes roll and slither, and the fungal images emit spores which show her strange things. Carries a worm pilgrim's map showing nearby shrines and stone circles. Knows Animal Friendship.
  93. Hastein, a fighter 3 of Raphonavegr (Kaldrland). A quiet man, still and reliable as the pine. He's seen and heard many things in the deep woods, and knows the difference between the dim and the dark, the odd and the impossible, the young and the ageless. Carries a bearded greataxe, and knows when to stow it.
  94. Esyda the Kind, a cleric 1 of the Endless Diet. Dresses in unfashionable and unflattering lumpy robes, for humility, her head surmounted by a spherical white hat with a gormless expression painted on it. A sadist. Knows Detect Evil
  95. Long Rerdishig, a thief 1 of Galas in Weald (Bes). Wears flowy clothes that catch horribly in the wind and a veil that covers his face, as well as bright rosewood clogs. That way, when he slips into his second-story uniform, no one recognizes him. Former informant for the powerful ranger Antossar, his conscience started acting up and he pulled up stakes. Skills: Climb Sheer Surfaces
  96. Timoonard, a druid 4 of Jacinth Shadow (Coris). Round and prosperous, like a pillbug, in his gray chitin cloak. Doesn't take his job too seriously but is dead serious about getting a pint and a warm bed. Knows Faerie Fire, Predict Weather, Barkskin, Heat Metal.
  97. Jerteron, a magic-user 1 of Llyllwch (Evardin). Sunken-eyed and sneering, this shrimp of a man wears a pair of matched silver blades on his belt as though daring someone to mess with him. Hater of the jungle and the quiet places, lover of civilization (cheap wine, chamber pots, and sexy puppet shows). Ever in search of new friends to look down on third parties with. Knows Waste to Light
  98. Belenean One-Hand, a fighter 4 of Palamedes (Coris). Thick, with battered plate armor and a balding head. His off-hand is an oversized serrated metal hook. Former lieutenant to the Dungeon Master in the Halls of Hate, he needs to make himself a dog to a new leader and fast if he wants to escape justice.
  99. Birnrion the Generous, a thief 6 of the Black Gates of Tor (Gravemark). A reedy, shaved man in fine clothes, with a wide belt and a curved sidesword. Morbid in the extreme, and sees death in its shades of nascence. Immune to energy drain. When he dies, a skeleton will hatch from his body. Skills: Law, Appraisal, Mob Agitation, Forgery, Drug Tolerance, Camouflage
  100. Sir Chide, a knight 5 of other lands. Called the Crossways Knight for the yellow crossbar on his shield, he is a quixotic wanderer who claims to come from another world and serve another god. Pragmatic, somber, and fearful of wonders and profanities alike.