Sunday, October 4, 2020

GLoGtember #9: Region

      In accordance with the post-a-day challenge by SunderedWorldDM, whose dreams bore the Orbseeker and whose deeds send the world shuddering.
Art by Wolfgang Glowacki

Dreadful Coasts

  • Dracula is Charlemagne. Vassals are all weird gothic villains. His knock-off relatives are all over the place
  • Dracula outlawed the church. An underground, aristocratic society revived it as the order of the Old Stone Cross
  • The ocean is the devil's wife or something
  • Rock-paper-Scissors dynamic for Werewolves-Vampires-Frankenstein's Monsters
  • Dracula is hoarding iron for some unknown purpose. Bronze tools and weapons are not terribly rare.

Locations (mainland, with interconnected plots and events)
  • City where it's the French Revolution, but the People are becoming angels, unimpeachable and zealous for the Terror.
  • Buckets of Blood Pygmalion
  • Robin Hood, but it's the founding fathers.
  • blighted baron bathes in the blood of newborns to banish his blight and blue beard
  • druidic circle, where they eat people and stack up animate piles of rocks
  • An evil tower
  • a human graveyard, a waste full of scattered bones. It is a graveyard in the same way that an elephant graveyard is.
  • a mostly fine castle with notable Persian influences, brought to these shores when a Persian noblewoman freed a noble prisoner in exchange for the promise of marriage. However, ghost members of the Hashashin have come to punish the crime.
  • Coastal village of accommodating locals that never talk. After a while, one spits out a mouthful of blood and attacks their blinded victim.
  • Frankenstein's Monster utterly alone in the burned husk of his master's castle. Victor's fiance seeks the monster out of mingled hatred and over-identification.
  • Amazingly genteel swampfolk
  • A group of rehabilitated witch's children-turned-witchhunters.
Islands (where you put all the stuff that would be too disruptive on the mainland)
  • pirate's cove, but with a parallel society of ghouls living under the docks.
  • Like 50 wrecked lighthouses
  • whalerider harpoonists
  • Animals have society, humans are pets and food
  • prison island intent on dehabilitating its inmates
  • final colony of a fictional criminal ancestor to humanity
  • Atlantis, which is remarkably like our own society but with a Tolkienesque melancholy
  • an isolated, but normal Catholic community. You must try to remember if you're prejudiced against Catholics
  • A terrifying crag with a demon-forge heated by the blood of disobedient children.
  • Merlin used time shenanigans to get fifty copies of the Holy Grail, but Satan stole the method and duplicated himself six times. All of that is going on in a cave on this island.

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