Friday, July 31, 2020

Advancement that isn't leveling up

In many GLOGhacks, characters stop gaining levels or stop gaining class abilities after level 4. Emphasis, it is thought, should be placed on advantages and changes gotten through play, such that every part of the character sheet stands to be altered. Many DMs, including veteran GLOGniks, struggle to continue a sense of personal advancement after leveling ceases, and I have endeavored to collect here examples of how to proceed.

When an item below doesn't contain a link, that indicates an opportunity to create a system for it; I and either unaware of or unsatisfied with attempts to do that form of advancement justice. I want this to be a living resource. Please link me to new ideas as you find or write them.

Non-level Advancement
  • Straight-up domain-level play
  • Starting (and managing) a family
  • Injuries are more likely to give you thematically-relevant alterations.
  • You turn towards your local community and attempt to change it for the better.
  • You make use of a parasite or curse.
  • A curse like the God-Curses of RotMP, which grant power but may consume you.
  • You begin to tend to the creation of a castle or settlement.
  • magical effect is known to transform you.
  • Alongside normal leveling, granting advantages based on any element of a character sheet which is improved.
  • The acquisition of marvelous replacements for existing body parts
  • The acquisition of scrolls, spells, staves, and orbs.
  • Leading warbands into battle.
  • Eating the heart of a giant makes you a giant in turn.
  • The maintenance of fame and renown

a Partial Bestiary of Consequences
  • werewolves (lycanthropy)
  • vampires (enthrallment and vampirism)
  • witches (curses and transformations)
  • alan (children)
  • Genie (consequences)
  • Salmon of Wisdom (wisdom)
  • Baí Zé (monster lore)


  1. In my opinion, the death of player controlled mechanical progress past level 4 is one of GLoGs most important challenges to overcome.

    It's very nice to have these other resources to look through compiled, I did not even have an idea most of these articles existed.

    Much appreciated!

  2. I have never played a GLOG character up to Level 4, let alone beyond. The fact that people are writing about opportunities beyond Level 4 tells me that I'm not playing enough GLOG. Thanks for the ideas!