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Parabola's Action 50: Part 3

Trying to keep a brisk pace.

Continued from here and here. The last class listed here is by Thorø larsen, the illustrator for Vain the Sword.

See also here and here.

I have five classes left after this, plus a little treat.

  1. Avenger's Doom (start with a net, a lily, a dopey dog, and a shield)
    1. 3/day, make another person charming to someone else, as charm person
    2. When you spare someone’s life, make opposed charisma tests. If you win, they become friendly
    3. Until you’ve discussed your differences with someone, they deal nonlethal damage to you.
    4. You may officiate ceremonies where oaths of vengeance become oaths of friendship.
  2. Western Warrior (start with a flintlock pistol and a chevy OR a revolver and wheelless ox cart, with oxen)
    1. You find 2d4 bullets in your stool every day.
    2. Alpacas, bison, alligators, and other American fauna are friendly to you.
    3. All wood you carry can become redwood, hickory, or boojum wood, making it soft, hard, or flexible, respectively.
    4. You get +1d8 to rolls if you are west of your target.
  3. Phantom Voice (start with a hood, a hand axe, ten GP, and a dummy)
    1. You can throw your voice perfectly
    2. You can become translucent (but not invisible) at will.
    3. You can speak with a voice that matches that it’s hearer most expects
    4. You are visible only to fools and schmucks.
  4. Doomed One (start with a longsword, medium armor, and a picture of a loved one)
    1. You get 10 xp whenever you roll dice, but if you ever roll a 1 you explode.
    2. Once per day, reroll any die.
    3. Your next character starts at level 2
    4. Instead of making an attack roll, you may instead have an opponent make a defense roll, whatever that means.
  5. Spirit of the Night (start with half of a mask, a heavy robe, a kopis, and a rosary)
    1. During the night, you have all the abilities of a first-level thief and a first-level fighter. During the day, you have no abilities or are a first-level bard.
    2. During the night, do maximum damage when you punch ghosts, the undead, or vigilantes.
    3. Once per day, call an eclipse overhead. It is night for the next ten minutes.
    4. Moonlight heals you 1 hp every ten minutes.
  6. Specter of the Hall (start with a hammer, a spanner, a banner, and the tools of a tanner)
    1. You may enter a poltergeistic rage. For ten minutes, float through walls but get really pissy about it. Afterwards, take 1d4 fatigue.
    2. In your hall, weapons go right through you, dealing 1d6 less damage
    3. You are so spooky that you can bankrupt any business simply by haunting it for 2d4 days.
    4. Your poltergeistic rages may last as long as you like.
  7. Sea-Fiend (start with baubles made of a strange metal, a trident, and an upside-down crucifix. Definitely no clothes.)
    1. You can hold your breath for an hour. Perform a seaside bacchanal to summon another sea-fiend.
    2. While wet, get advantage on constitution tests.
    3. 3/day, summon a massive tendril from any water source.
    4. Water is flammable to you.
  8. Skeleton Lover (start with a rose, a sword, leather armor, a burlap sack, and a boombox)
    1. You are always treated as the more convenient option between a skeleton and a living person.
    2. When you dance, people you have not harmed must test their charisma or join you for at least a little while.
    3. When disassembled, you can fit in a sack. Those touching you or carrying you get advantage on constitution tests.
    4. When defending what you love, get +1 attack and +2 defense.
  9. Wild Witch of the Heath (start with dirty robes, a flower crown, and an overworked vole)
    1. Plants keep watch for you and tell you what they see.
    2. +1 MD, you may always seem young.
    3. +1 MD, by giving a gift worth 10 gp to an animal you may give birth to a hybrid creature.
    4. +1 MD, you may turn into a hobwolf at will.
  10. Demon of the Glen (start with a fox pelt, a fishing pole, and a marmot soul)
    1. Gain horns and claws as natural weapons. When nude, move 50% faster.
    2. People who meet you at night will always hear you out, no matter how terrifying you are.
    3. When in brush, you always sneak up on your targets but you must announce yourself, typically by saying “boo!”
    4. Once a month, grant a wish, but only if it will do no one any good.
  11. Witch of the Wave (start with a waterproof bookcase, a spellbook, thick cloth armor, and a duck)
    1. +1 MD, when soaking wet you count as wearing medium armor. When you die your body turns to sea foam.
    2. +1 MD, spit ink like a squid
    3. +1 MD, you can grow gills and a tail for 1 hour, during which you cannot breath air.
    4. +1 MD, control the tides
  12. Two Dead Bodies (start with olde timey clothes, a cutlass, and a riding crop)
    1. You are two walking dead folk. One is tall and thin, and has long reach. One is short and fat, and cannot be pushed from where they stand.
    2. When you argue about something among yourselves, one target must test their wisdom or shout the answer.
    3. Working together, you may roll with advantage on attacks. If you fail, you fumble.
    4. A wandering angel gives you the ability to levitate and glow. Depending on your morality, you may begin advancement as a Dead Man Come to Life Again or as an Accursed Skeleton.
  13. Bride of Mystery (start with a domino mask, a silver sword, a burning passion, and ∞ absynthe)
    1. You always have absynthe handy. When you would kill a foe, you can force it to tell you who sent it instead.
    2. You can inexplicable possess the sentimental items of your party members.
    3. If you are wronged, you can implore with a masked benefactor for aid out by the old crossroads.
    4. Throw a leaf of fine paper into the wind with a message inscribed on it. An intended recipient finds the message in the next alley they encounter and can send a reply.
  14. Lady of the Fell House (start with a mansion, literally obscene wealth, a fan, dozens of portraits of deceased family members)
    1. You are the matriarch of your ancestral home. Each level, learn a family secret you can use to blackmail your family with.
    2. Over the course of a week, you can feed rumor and mystery to anyone whose whereabouts you know. They will try to enter your ancestral home and investigate it.
    3. You can enter portraits and use them to spy on people.
    4. You now own a home in all major cities, a bunk in all minor thorps, and a room in all dungeons.
  15. Man with the Huge Umbrella (start with an umbrella, a suit, sunglasses, and a houseplant)
    1. Umbrella Sword: like a cane sword, but an umbrella! You can brandish your otherwise-hidden sword in one hand. It is rather long, dapper, and gentlemanly to behold, regardless of your gender. Un Garde.
    2. Afterthought: After combat concludes, and if conscious, feel free to make a quip or other sarcastically dry comment. You heal 1d4 points of damage if you do so
    3. Perfect Minions: you have 1d4 minions around you on any given day, to fetch your dry cleaning, shine your shoes, run messages to people, and shoot things if you request it. They are loyal, very qualified and thoroughly dapper.
    4. Through the Mist: spend an round to gaze at something/someone in a distant and foreboding manner. You can see their true intentions or, if an object, its true purpose or intended use.

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