Friday, July 24, 2020

When your GLOG Wizard Doesn't Have a Spell List

In the wake of the proliferation of microclasses, people may find themselves playing some kind of magic-using class that claims to use traditional GLOG magic dice, despite lacking a spell list. To offer guidelines for use when a random wizard needs appropriate spells, I share my thoughts here.

You only really need, like, three of these for a level 1 character; any more is just to distinguish two wizards of the same school. Further spells should be found and created in play.

  1. Speak to X (such as a kind of substance, creature, or item)
  2. X to Y (transmute one kind of substance into another)
  3. Offensive-but-roundabout spell (harmful to foes, but not just directly dealing vanilla damage to them)
  4. Grant a boon
  5. Inflict a curse
  6. Movement spell (such as speed, new vectors, through or along certain substances, etc.)
  7. Alteration of form 
  8. Tackle domain-relevant hazard 
  9. Offensive-but-specific spell (serious harm in specific conditions)
  10. Information Gathering (divination or perception-enhancing)
  11. Social Lubricant
  12. Forced Move (directly causing a target to act in a certain way)

General Guidelines (See also Skerples on Wizards)

  • Always tie something back to the [dice] used or the [sum] of them
  • Direct and automatic damage to one target is typically [sum], with a little bonus effect
  • “Save negates" is for cowards, but— 
    • Class abilities (including spells) should create new options and potential problems, They should not negate the game.
  • Open-ended spells are best.


  1. I love the structuring of a standard format for a GLOG wizard class.

  2. In my experience "Speak with X" is the best way to make someone feel like a real wizard

  3. This is an excellent baseline. The theme is important, but a structure behind the theme helps a lot. It shouldn't be a chain on creativity, - more like guidelines.

  4. "Skerples on Wizards" links to, brokenly, the original TeleGLOGela, by the way

    which is a shame, because i needed that link to work