Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Nephilim? I Hardly Know 'im! [Kaiju OSR Bandwagon]

This is a submission for the ongoing search on the OSR discord for Kaiju rules.

Ancient societies were constantly menaced by kaiju. Angelic beings impossibly tall, animals and gods as vast as continents or worlds, dragons or giants cruel and ancient. Notably, they are dangerous but still usually vulnerable to a demigod's spear. Inspired by these stories and myths, the rules below will create dangerous-but-still-vulnerable creatures. Like a PC in GLOG, a nephil will have to rely on more than their standard abilities to threaten dangerous foes. Nephilim characters should spend their immortality gathering arcane power and temporal domain, or else resign themselves to bully plucky children in the forest.

The Nephilim have templates like any other, but any nephil should have at least one hit die or class template from something else. A giant ox is still an ox, and a giant priest is still a priest. So, the class:
Eart CG. Forever is a long time to have to keep your soul together.

-NEPHIL- (alternatively: Giant, Kaiju, Monster)
For each template you possess as a nephil, you may grow up to five times your current size.

1: Great Form, Eternal Warrior
2: Vast Legs, Eternal Obsession
3: Tide of Flesh, Eternal Reign
4: Colossal Wreck, Eternal Rite

  • Great Form: You take half-damage from normal-sized weapons, and require four times the dose of any potion, drug, or any other consumable in order for it to take effect. Most items no longer take up item slots, but carrying such small things can be tricky.
  • Eternal Warrior: You no longer age. 
  • Vast Legs: Your strides pass over entire lands. It takes you one hour to cross a normal-sized kingdom or other land.
  • Eternal Obsession: Something consumes you and makes you act irrationally. You might horde gold, abide by riddle-wagers, or eat only the offspring of a certain noble line. If you act against this obsession, take 1 hp damage.
  • Tide of Flesh: You no longer strike individuals but areas. Attacks you make now damage everything within 30 feet of your target.
  • Eternal Reign: When you consume your infant child, gain 100 XP.
  • Colossal Wreck: If you are killed, from your body will be born a new world, or at least a major continent.
  • Eternal Rite: No matter how cruel or indifferent you are, your grandeur inspires devotion. Every year, at least one 1st-level cleric will be ordained in your service for each level+HD you possess.

John Gast. No matter how cruel or indifferent you are, your grandeur inspires devotion.

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