Wednesday, July 29, 2020

d33 Three-Attribute Systems

Divvying up different advantages to different primary attributes is the joy of any industrious game designer. Since three-attribute systems have been in vogue for a while, I will save you the trouble of deciding between the best ones. When making each character, roll a d3. On a "1", roll once on the table below and take the result as your three attributes. On a "2", roll twice, taking the first two attributes of the first and the last attribute of the second. On a "3", roll three times and pick a random attribute from each entry.

Since the perfection of these systems is both evident and intuitive, I will not be taking questions on what each attribute influences. Thank you.

d33 Three-Attribute Systems

  1. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  2. Fellowship, Towers, King
  3. TAnach, New Testament, book of MOrmon
  4. Hope, Empire, Jedi
  5. PHantom, CLone, SIth
  6. Red, Green, Blue
  7. OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people
  8. Freedom, Order, Autocracy
  9. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  11. Nasty, Brutish, Short
  12. SEX, DRUgs, Rock aNd Roll
  13. THEsis, ANTIthesis, SYNthesis
  14. Mind, Body, Soul
  15. ID, EGO, SUperego (or Kirk, Spock, Mccoy)
  16. life as MAChine, life as ORGanism, life as DRAma
  17. Potence, Knowledge, Benificence
  18. LUnatic, LIar, LOrd
  19. Fast, Good, Cheap (pick the average of two)
  20. NARcissism, MACHiavellianism, PSYchopathy
  21. CAEsar, CRAssus, POMpey
  22. Shrek, Fiona, Donkey
  23. Good, Bad, Ugly
  24. HAMmer, ANVil, STiRrup
  25. the BRItish matter, the FREnch matter, the ROMan matter
  26. LIEs, DAMn lies, STATistics
  27. Lust, Wrath Greed
  28. Eros, Philia, Agape
  29. lao TZU, CONfucius, VICtor hugo
  30. WISdom, COUrage, POWer
  31. Creator, Preserver, Destroyer
  32. Anger, Sorrow, Joy
  33. KING, GOD, NONbeliever


  1. Simple and self-evident! Masterful work

  2. Marvelous! So clever.

    Because the form is irresistiblely fun, I couldn't help a trio of imitations:
    TRUe, GOOd, BEAutiful
    SINe, COSine, TANgent
    ZERg, PROtos, TERran