Sunday, July 5, 2020

Parabola's 50 GLOG Classes: Part 1

So Deus Ex Parabola of Discord fame posted a list of 50 potential GLOG classes. These class names were hacked out of Penny Dreadful titles. Tickled by this list, I have undertaken to outline what some of these classes might be.

[EDIT: since posting this, Deus Ex parabola has compiled these and others into a full list of 50. My own project continues, but it has already been completed here.

Here's the first 15. They are quite rough. That's fine.

  1. Betrayed (start with a sword, a shield, and a keepsake)
    1. +1d6 damage against those whom you have sworn vengeance against; random encounters automatically include agents of those whom you have failed to bring vengeance against.
    2. Automatically succeed when interrogating servants of your foes, so long as they have less HD than you.
    3. Self-sabotage. You can always cause someone to slight you. Also, get 1 DR against environmental damage; it won’t be this that kills you.
    4. When a spell reduces you to 0 or less hp, you learn it. +1 MD.
  2. Forsaken Grave (start with outdated licenses, seals, and writs, as well as a roundel dagger)
    1. Convince commoners and animals you are nobility with authority.
    2. You can enter an indignant rage, giving you +4 charisma for ten minutes. However, you must attempt to convince rather than physically attack, and get 1d4 fatigue afterwards.
    3. You can always successfully flee nobles and legal enforcers. Also, learn +1 rumor when investigating ancient constructions in your nation of origin.
    4. You learn what, if anything, can restore you to your original office. Also, once per foe per combat, you can spend your turn telling them to do something and they will do it.
  3. Blighted One (start with a bell, a staff, a bucket, and leprosy or something)
    1. Intelligent enemies do their best to avoid touching you.
    2. You and an opponent you touch both test constitution. Anyone who fails takes 1d6 attribute damage of your choice.
    3. Reattach dismembered limbs with mud. Also, charm vermin and insects.
    4. Throw a limb at a foe. They save vs. fear or flee.
  4. Stone Druid (start with a stone sickle, a homesick raccoon, and a geode)
    1. Spend Stone Dice to ask small favors of stone, +1 Stone Die
    2. Spend Stone Dice to move stone walls, floors, and ceilings, +1 Stone Die
    3. Spend Stone Dice to become animate stone, +1 Stone Die
    4. You can create permanent stonehenge golems, +1 Stone Die
  5. Black Towerer (start with very stretchy shorts and a sling)
    1. Allies can climb you as easily as a ladder. They get +2 to attacks against foes lower than them,
    2. +1 story in height, take half damage from projectiles.
    3. +1 story in height, see all potential random encounters far in advance.
    4. +1 story in height, carry twice as much but you cannot reach these new inventory slots yourself.
  6. Bandit Monk (start with a pair of tonfa, a rustic hat, and a burlap sack)
    1. While carrying rural or no weapons and wearing light or no armor, leap 15 feet (horizontal or vertical)
    2. When you hit someone while unarmed, take a random item from them. (Not their wielded weapon or worn armor.)
    3. +2d6 to dexterity tests while unobserved.
    4. If you have mostly cleared out a dungeon or hidden wilderness outpost, automatically gain bandit followers each month.
  7. Accursed Skeleton (start with a flesh prison, a cutlass, and a breastplate)
    1. Your bones regrow at 4 AM every day. This heals bone-related injuries. Also, dogs hate you.
    2. Break off a finger in a lock to unlock it. Also, you can attack twice and deal half damage with each attack.
    3. You can cause your ribcage to explode, damaging everyone in front of you for 2d6, save halves.
    4. Take half damage from slashing and piercing weapons. Crack your skull to negate fall damage.
  8. Wizard of the Sea (start with an air bladder, a monkey, and a gold armband)
    1. Throw gusts of air at will.
    2. +1 MD. Cast sea-related spells
    3. +1 MD. Can now become a crab or sea creature at will.
    4. +1 MD. Charon will do you favors now, preventing foes from resurrecting.
  9. Knight of the Iron Ring (Start with bronze panoply and a dagger)
    1. You may take 1 point of fatigue to barrel through a substance that is softer than your armor. When overburdened, you do not take penalties to attack.
    2. +1 attack per round.
    3. If your armor is harder than a foe’s, get +2 to maneuvers against them. You receive no penalty to swimming for wearing armor.
    4. Your flesh is as hard as bronze when you want it to be.
  10. Pirate's Bride (start with a knife, an apron, a glass eye, and ∞ grog)
    1. You always have grog handy. When you would kill a foe, you can automatically make it flee instead.
    2. When an ally really should have brought a mundane item with them, you remembered to pack it.
    3. If you are wronged, you can head to port and call in an angry pirate crew.
    4. Throw a piece of gold into a fountain, well, or river with a message inscribed on it. An intended recipient finds the message in the next saltwater they encounter and can send a reply.
  11. Maniac of the Deep (start with a loosened straightjacket, a fishing spear, and a waterlogged book)
    1. Drowning does not cause you to die. Anyone who witnesses your dreams takes 1d8 wisdom damage.
    2. You may glow in the dark
    3. You may destroy a spellbook or other important piece of information to reroll a save against an ongoing effect. 
    4. Whenever you fail a roll, the water level rises by 1 foot, receding at a rate of 1 foot every hour.
  12. Demon Dwarf (start with a mattock, lockpicks, 4 troll-fat candles, and a helmet)
    1. Fires you start cast light only you can see.
    2. Those who break agreements with you, knowing your nature, save vs. death.
    3. You can crawl into a recently deceased corpse and pilot it around.
    4. When you carouse, you may spend 500 gp to wake from a fugue having crafted a terrible magic weapon, with unique capabilities but harsh drawbacks.
  13. Headless (start with off-color cloth armor, a mace, and a fancy hat)
    1. Immune to head-based disfigurements. Can swing wildly to attack everyone adjacent, friend or foe.
    2. Once per day, trip over some desired item that would make sense in the area.
    3. Put a small item or animal on your neck-stump. It grants a minor related ability.
    4. When a beneficial effect can only effect a certain number of people, you can get the benefit without counting against the limit.
  14. Mountain Fiend (start with 10 stones, a loincloth, and 66' of rope)
    1. When you hit someone with a rock from a distance, make a free maneuver
    2. You may drop 1d4 items to reroll attempts to climb, sneak, or harass.
    3. Stone is flammable for you.
    4. You can dig a 5x5x5 cube in five minutes.
  15. Vampire Pirate (start with a cutlass, cloth armor, an umbrella, and charms purported to ward off the undead)
    1. You can’t cross fresh water or touch sunlight, but heal when you inflict biting damage and get +2 to brawling rolls. Bites do 1d4 damage.
    2. You can turn into a bat or parrot, and roll over ground or water as fog. You are as vulnerable as ever in these forms.
    3. When you lock eyes with a crewmate, you may dictate their actions instead of taking a turn of your own.
    4. Those you kill with your bites rise the following midnight as buccaneers.


  1. Can't wait for the next 35! These are all fantastic

    1. We're working on them in the Discord. Here's the full list:
      1. Betrayed
      2. Forsaken Grave
      3. Blighted One
      4. Stone Druid
      5. Black Towerer
      6. Bandit Monk
      7. Accursed Skeleton
      8. Hour of Retribution
      9. Black Mantle
      10. Secret Monk
      11. Phantom Ship
      12. Wizard of the Sea
      13. Castle Fiend
      14. Companion of Silence
      15. Knight of the Iron Ring
      16. Pirate's Bride
      17. Maniac of the Deep
      18. Demon Dwarf
      19. Demon Huntsman
      20. Destroying Sorcerer
      21. Dice of Death
      22. Fatal Mystic
      23. Avenger's Doom
      24. Secret Assassin of the Old Stone Cross
      25. Invisible Husband
      26. Invisible Assassin
      27. Headless
      28. Dead Man Come to Life Again
      29. Western Warrior
      30. Black Rider
      31. Lady of the Fell House
      32. Man With the Huge Umbrella
      33. Mountain Fiend
      34. Victim of Tyranny
      35. Mysterious Dagger
      36. Bride of Mystery
      37. Wood Demon
      38. Phantom Voice
      39. Doomed One
      40. Ranger of the Tomb
      41. Red Cross Warrior
      42. Spirit of the Night
      43. Specter of the Hall
      44. Sea-Fiend
      45. Skeleton Lover
      46. Wild Witch of the Heath
      47. Demon of the Glen
      48. Witch of the Wave
      49. Vampire Pirate
      50. Two Dead Bodies

    2. Please, Parabola was my father. Call me G_d.

  2. These are terrific mate - great job. What I love as well is there simple enough that they can be easily made into special NPC's for the characters to fight/ally/parley/sleep with.