Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sundered's Orb 18

To grant myself reprieve from making classes for the Action 50 (only five to go!), I would like to check out another list, a group of 18 class ideas from the blog Sundered Shields and Silver Shillings. Since the author has neglected to give them a catchy term, I will call them the Orb 18, in honor of two very good ideas:

  • "Orbseeker: orbs are cool and there aren’t enough of them so make a cool Class to have people find things that are spherical and do cool things with them"
  • "Hell, a Class where you are the orb. Rolling and crushing people, detecting slopes in dungeon floors, floating away like a balloon…"
I'm not committing to take a swing at all 18 classes, but here's a handful. See the full list in the link above.

  1. Orbseeker (start with no orbs ;( , a bronze mirror, rough robes, and a hunting sword)
    1. +1 MD but you cannot have more MD than you have orbs. +1d6 damage with weapons while holding a magical item in your other hand.
    2. +1 MD. Every orb has a domain. Take 1 HP to commune with an orb to see clear visions of the present in its domain or cryptic visions of the future or past in its domain. Magical orbs have domains like "doom" or "valor," mundane orbs have domains like "the forest I came from" or "men with beards and glasses."
    3. +1 MD. When you defeat a foe, you may make opposed intelligence tests, If you win, place them in an orb and specify the conditions that will release them.
    4. +1 MD. While wielding two orbs, you may cast two spells per turn as long as the spells correspond with each orb's domain.
  2. Mysterious Orb (start with your choice of sheen, cracks, flecks, or imperfections.)
    1. You can double your speed, but sacrifice turning power. Colliding with someone damages them like a slingstone. Automatically detect slopes. Take minimum damage from slashing weapons.
    2. You can float up to ten feet off the ground. Telepathically interact with items as though you have hands.
    3. Colliding with someone damages them like a cannonball.
    4. dominate anyone who willingly touches you.
  3. Ghostbuster (or Vampire Hunter) (start with ghost shackles, a ghost shield, a backpack containing an over-sized holy symbol, a wooden stake, and 1d4 rations worth of holy wafers)
    1. Get +1 per template to fleeing monsters. Turn undead like a cleric double your level.
    2. People know to call you when there's something strange. Automatically learn spooky gossip.
    3. Spend 5 gp in a town to fashion a totem that detects magic and death.
    4. You may shatter your over-sized holy symbol to summon all undead that you have turned with it.
  4. Plumber (start with denim armor, plumber's tools, and a pipe wrench)
    1. With an hour's work, flood a room adjacent to a water source or un-flood a room. Get +2 AC if you were late to the session.
    2. Automatically detect secret mechanisms, doors, and the like. Once per day, reroll a random encounter roll incurred for staying in the same place.
    3. With a week's work and access to a midden, afflict nearby areas with disease. Random encounters in the area have half health and -2 physical stats.
    4. With a day's work, you can be hired to work in a dungeon of your choice. Get 1d4 gold every day you adventure there, and get a letter from the dungeonlord granting you permission to be there.
  5. Sigilbound (start with a strange black tablet, covered in inscrutable symbols, a jack-of-plates doublet, a shortbow, and 25 arrows)
    1. +2 random emoji, Invoke an emoji to get a bonus to related attribute or skill test. Can only invoke one emoji at a time.
    2. +1 random emoji. Invoke an emoji to summon a related creature.
    3. +1 random emoji, invoke up to two emoji at a time.
    4. +1 random emoji, Draw your own emoji.


  1. I am HERE for the Emojimancer holy shit fuck yeah

  2. Thank you SO much for making these scribblings into bona-fide classes!