Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Acmori Generators



  1. Spam: Someone once described button-click generators as "gimmicks", as opposed to roll-tables I guess, I think this post is a great example of why that's wrong. A convenience is not the same as a gimmick, and in this deplorable modern age of instant interconnectivity an online button presser whatever is always close at hand. Ah, look at the wholeness of it. A world is held within this palm (of this post).

    1. You're right! Why, Spwack makes an art of it, a game that could not exist without button-click generation. And the legamon craze, I feel, was helped along by the fact that people could generate a lot quickly.

  2. Just rereading the Acmori posts. It seems almost easy enough to do, ha! My work game is floundering and it's a good opportunity to spice it up and give it a new focus. I'm going to focus on the winter gameplay loop we are doing in Ten Blade Demigod. I need...

    treasure maps
    And some system / fiction for going on adventures in this way.

    How would you run a game *like* the domain level game in Acmori but live at a table? It seems that like play does not lend itself to each PC having an isle.

  3. Replies
    1. It's true that it's harder to give each player an isle. Instead, I might set up 1-3 isles in which each PC is treated as a ruler of one or more holdings. So if you had a meagre three PCs, one might own law holdings on isle 1, one might own law holdings on isle 2 and a temple holding on isle 1, and one might own trade holdings on isle 1 and 2. This can create interesting tension, but even if they're all simply working together each player has relevant actions to take. In such a game I would roll a realm event for each player rather than each isle.