Sunday, November 29, 2020

Table: Sigils in Mesomergos

 Pursuant to my interest in heraldry, I sometimes wonder how I could turn Spwacks's marvelous tables to the task of blazonry. This is my current attempt, though it does not do a good job of describing the placement of charges. Additionally, it always includes charges, while it might be appropriate to leave many arms as simple patterns.

This generator uses some heraldry-speak, so it is probably just for my own enjoyment. I imagine these would mostly appear on round shields, and I've kept the divisions of the field relatively simple. I am treating sable as a metal and referring to it as "iron" for setting-related reasons. Similarly, bronze is to be treated as a common metal, and some of the colors are named differently. Sanguine is used to the exclusion of gules. Turqoise is used to the exclusion of azure. Jade and vert are mostly redundant with each other (though when they appear together jade is darker).

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