Monday, December 7, 2020

Further Godparents


    Expanded from my previous post here. Since it is likely only one or two godparents would be needed in even a long campaign, and since the original article suggests you select a godparent randomly, I would recommend using these to replace godparents on the original list that are not as suitable to the milieu of your campaign.
  1. The Monkey King
    Considers you a servant, but too proud to command you. Loves a good jape.
    1. As-You-Will Gold-Banded Cudgel, a +1 iron staff that can shrink to the size of a needle or grow to 20 feet long.
    2. Quick sutra to repel demons. Also, a blanket 1-in-6 chance that a random encounter is actually a demon in disguise.
    3. Phoenix-feather Cap. Wearer can jump as far as they wish, but the cap does not offer protection against velocity or void.
    4. One of 72 magical transformations. Starting with you, each member of the party names an animal or object, then the DM selects one. You can turn into that entity and back at will.
    Benedick Bana
  2. The Dark Lord
    A lover of towers, and of towering.
    1. Over the course of an afternoon you are summoned to a high place, to see all the lands of the world. Your godfather then points out where his hibernating minions are buried. Such caches are always within 1d4-1 days travel from you, and unearth 1d4 minions. They are warlike, cowardly, and factious, and can only be held in line by threats and clear goals.
    2. Glassy orb, ancient and dangerous. Allows remote viewing and psychic intercourse with those who possess similar objects, but opens the wearer to psychic attacks.
    3. Oversized titanium flail. -2 to hit, but +2 to damage and can break iron forged by country smiths or bandit wrights.
    4. Torc with jet decorations at each end, carved to resemble ravens. The wearer is invisible to mundane folk and animals, but seems like blazing beacons to the supernatural. While worn, the raven heads utter calumnies only the wearer can hear.

  3. Cats
    Feuding and fickle. Kind and condescending. Gifts recharge after ten minutes of sleep in a comfortable place.
    1. Nine-headed whip. Try something profoundly stupid, and if you would die, a head of the whip disappears and you are instead totally fine, back where you started. Remember, this only works for the direct result of follies and only if it would kill you.
    2. Summon a rodent and ask of it a favor. The rodent is bound to do your favor, but will try to do so maliciously.
    3. Afternoons spent practicing the hunt finally pay off. +1 damage when you bite or scratch, and if you grab onto someone you can discharge you gift. If you do, it is impossible to pry you off them.
    4. Suddenly appear anywhere in a crowded place or messy space within 300 feet of you. Any melee with six or more participants counts as crowded.

    Arthur Rackham
  4. The Ancient Wizard
    Would be an angel, if he had a sense of right and wrong. It has been replaced with a sense of necessity and a frustration that he cannot act more openly. His gifts do not need to recharge, but fade and fail with the age. Nothing for you to worry about in this, your youth.
    1. TO MY WILL, a +1 longsword that glows red in the presence of magics opposed to your godparent and white in the presence of magics aligned with your godparent.
    2. Wand that contains 1 MD and the spells circumvent curse, will o wisp, and summon steed.
    3. Cloak of no particular color that contains 1 MD and the spells transfer disease, mundane seeming, and argue with birds
    4. Chain shirt that contains 1 MD and the spells stone to bread and old fruit to oil flasks.

  5. Eternity
    Friend to death, but too often kept in Heaven.
    1. Once per person, take their hand and your godmother will show them a vision of the afterlife that awaits them. Regardless of their fate, this should stun them for at least a moment.
    2. Robes or gown of gossamer. When standing still, allows you to blend into areas of stone or dewy grass. Mundane animals and unicorns will treat you as harmless.
    3. Service of Aghstain, an itinerant warrior. They have been plucked from the end of time for the homage rendered to your godmother. Treat them as a barbarian of your Godchild level.
    4. Once, trade lives with someone. The consequences are vague but dire. You cannot trade lives again until you have rendered sufficient service to your godmother.


  1. Absolutely fantastic, again! Does trading lives also mean trading bodies? And how do the MD from the Ancient Wizard gifts recharge?

    1. I would think trading lives usually trades bodies. MD should return in the usual way for your hack of choice.