Sunday, November 8, 2020

GLoG Class: Dungeoneer

To round out GLoG week, here is a class emulating those intrepid heroes and heroines who braved the ever-changing hallways of the dungeon master Tregard in British 80's show "Knightmare."

Class: Dungeoneer (start with a blinding helmet, presentable attire, a satchel for food, and exactly two other random items)

            A: Food for Energy, Helmet of Justice
B: Clue Room
            C: Spellcasting
D: Quest item, Silver Spurs of Squiredom

Food for Energy: Get +1 HP when you eat something you find in a dungeon or other dangerous location. You can use this ability multiple times per day, but each instance must be more gross or more dangerous than the last.

Helmet of Justice: While wearing a closed helmet or similar, you can see as though in dim light. Attacks that specifically target your head or eyesight fail. This is the uniform of the Dungeoneer, and everyone will expect you to talk to them like they’re NPCs.

Clue Room: when searching for things secret or hidden, you may declare “I challenge!” If there is indeed something hidden in that area part of the architecture will come alive and ask you up to three riddles.            - If you solve all three, what is hidden will be revealed and the dungeon will offer advice.

           - If you solve two, what is hidden will be revealed.

           - If you solve one, You will receive a clue and the DM will roll a random encounter check.

           - If you solve none, the dungeon attempts to eat you.

Spellcasting: Once per dungeon level per day, spell a simple word to cast a spell with a number of MD equal to your level. The DM will interpret the actual effect in a straightforward way. It lasts for up to an hour or until you misspell the original word.

Quest Item: Advance immediately to this level if you successfully recover an important magical item for which you have been questing.

Silver Spurs of Squiredom: see perfectly regardless of what’s on your head, parry damage to adjacent allies by 1d12, take minimum damage from classic dungeon traps. You also get a little silver plaque worth 1 gp, entitling you to start leveling up as a knight.

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