Friday, November 27, 2020

Location: Cursed House of Twin Axes

I've been working on this one for a while. It's a haunted palace nestled in a remote mountainous retreat, in the heart of Mesomergos. I based much of the floorplan on the palace in Minos, so it is labyrinthine and full of thick walls and alcoves. Designing the cursed house, I made sure to allow for points from anywhere, since the building is full of windows and unlocked doors. This dungeon can serve as an extended introduction to domain-level play.
The Cursed House of Twin Axes is appropriate for parties of 2-6 first-level adventurers, and has enough content for several sessions. It has a bronze age feel and borrows some elements from Zhou China and early Germanic vibes, and features themes of astronomy and ancient sins. 
Click the image below to see the full Cursed House, its maps, its random tables, and some advice. I've tried to make the color-coded maps functional for those with most forms of colorblindness-- let me know if they aren't working well for you.
Click the painting

Special thanks to those who helped to playtest the Cursed House, including Oblid, Lotus, Awyrlas, Waqait, and Sir_Ahno.

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