Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Salty Ten

I have pilfered class ideas from Dan of Throne of Salt. These were salvaged from his many Notebooks of Unfinished Wonder, which I am led to believe is their purpose.


Soldier Subclasses [I will do these as fighter disciplines]

War Priest 

(start with a charm, a maul, 1d20 holy symbols, caltrops, and three sudes)
A: While carrying a charm or relic, get advantage on physical saves. When you target a foe with an attack or with maledictions, allies get +3 to attack that foe.
B: When you give a speech to a group of NPCs on the sabbath, you can decide if their behavior will be restrained or wanton for the next week. Notable characters get a save to resist.
C: You can turn enemy combatants. Spend 1 fatigue per round, and they must flee to at least 30' away. If you close the distance, the effect ends.
D: When you face certain death, an angel (or similar) arrives to face it with you.


(start with armor that shares a color with your favorite charioteer, a cheaply forged katana, artisan's tools, a book of matches, and complete mastery of a niche skill)
A: You are immune to charms, diplomacy, and common sense. Also, when you spend a turn harassing someone they take 1d4 damage.
B: When you gather information, you wring out as much information as possible at the cost of alienating an NPC; this is not optional.
C: Once per combat, critique a foe to force them to try something other than what they are currently doing. They get a save if they're about to do something vitally important.
D: Spend five minutes studying something or someone to learn the best way to destroy it.


(start with manacles, 1d4 locks and keys, a staff,
A: +1 attack, but the second attack each round deals 1d4 fatigue instead of damage. When someone misses a melee attack against you, you may attempt to grab, grapple, or disarm them.
B: You always seem like the kind of person that can arbitrate disputes.
C: Instead of inflicting damage, you may chain someone to yourself. Anyone manacled to you cannot attack you.
D: Those you defeat must abide by oaths of good behavior.


(start with friends in the mini-tary industrial complex and a shmuck in fatigues, a helmet, a workhorse weapon, and a literal purple heart)
A: A soldier is a person in an army. An antisoldier is an army in a person. While in said person, you are immune to pain, poison, and fear. Fire a hail of darts from your mouth as a free action (d8 damage)
B: If you eat an extra ration, you can march without tiring. You can get 5 extra inventory slots when travelling.
C: Venture short distances out of your shmuck. Foes up to 20 feet away count as adjacent when you want them to.
D: Permanently reduce your maximum HP by up to 4. March a detachment into another person to transform them into an antisoldier of that level.


[already did this one]

Vessel Knight 

(start with etched or horned armor, a puresidian blade, a mystic essence, an essential mysticism, and a sledgehammer)
A: You can make your armor glow with Power. It deals damage to you and any foes within 10 ft. One damage if light armor, 2 damage if medium, 3 damage if heavy. This does not count as an action.
B: Commune with the essence inside you and name it. You gain one long-term ailment and two powers relevant to the essence's name.
C: Any magic weapons you wield also count as wands of a relevant spell which you can use thrice per day.
D: Your body ages to dust and you become your armor. Do not suffer from diseases or injuries, except your ailment. Death is your only release.
Daniel Romanovsky


(start with a red robe, a ledger, a performative holy symbol, a crowbar, 2d4 pieces of base jewelry)
A: You sell afterlife insurance. Any soul who bought your policy and would go to Hell instead enters a bland, yet saccharine existence in a piece of your jewelry. A demon will eventually arrive and charge you a certain amount based on their evilness, usually 1 to 7 gold. Spend a soul to cast a 1 MD spell.
B: You can command animals with fewer HD than you have souls (other than your own).
C: You can spend a day selling policies to acquire 3d10 gold by selling 1d10 policies. These numbers are modified by the sinfulness/wealth of the targeted population. Spend two souls to cast a 2 MD spell.
D: Instead of testing a mental attribute, you may spend a soul to automatically succeed.

Warframe Operator 

(start with the backing of an academy, a famous name, a cyber pistol, and a vestigial drift-twin which allows you to pilot a mech without a partner.)
A: You are allowed to take a giant mech for a spin. It has an ability and two weapons.
B: You forget pain. In close combat, sacrifice 1 strength to deal 1d4 strength damage on a hit.
C: Learn a supernatural power from the most dangerous foe you defeat, replacing it with each more powerful foe defeated.
D: Once per month, resurrect naked in a tube under your workshop.
Mech Abilities
  1. Shrink down to the size of a city street
  2. flight
  3. Imperceptible while completely still
  4. Seemingly unfillable cargo holds
  5. Specialists of your choice available 24-7
  6. Neutralizes nearby non-mech tech
Mech Weapons
  1. A rune-wrapped sword that can cut through anything
  2. Dozens of minigun epicycles
  3. Intercontinental Kaballistic Missiles
  4. Tesla coil abuse
  5. Imp hose
  6. Pneu-magnetic crushing arm


(start with a war-trained giraffe and howdah, an acacia-haft pike, a bow, and a rope ladder)
A: You always succeed in feats of skill when riding a giraffe into battle. You can always find and tame a giraffe with a week of work and a variable amount of cash.
B: Your giraffe gains +1 story in height. You can shape chewed acacia leaves into any object smaller than two of your fists.
C: When you shout challenges outside a dungeon or fortress, someone comes out to meet you. Your giraffe may make an extra attack on your turn.
D: Your giraffe gains +1 story in height. While riding it, neither you nor the giraffe can be harmed by melee weapons shorter than your own.

Alewife Witch 

(start with the love of a town, a full-bodied brown, a warning frown, a warming gown, a goose for down, and a sly renown)
A: +1 MD, your spells are extra effective against someone who has your ale in their belly. Brew ten doses a week.
B: +1 MD, you may freely convert ale into LSD.
C: +1 MD, infuse a batch of ale with an ingredient from a magical beast; they become potions of a relevant ability for one week
D: +1 MD, you can drink any body of liquid in one minute or less.

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