Sunday, August 30, 2020

GLOG Class: Barbarian

art by 宋 跃然

A barbarian is someone from a very different civilization to the one that the story takes place in, regardless of the customs or attainments of that civilization. You are a warrior from some different place. This is a class about working with disadvantages. This is also a class about learning to overcome those disadvantages, but if you don't enjoy them on their own it is probably not the class for you.

Starting equipment: A medium weapon in a shape unheard of in this land, medium armor made from a substance that no one in this land would use to make armor,  3 rations only you can eat, the symbol of a faith or social structure, a bottle of signature alcohol.
Starting ken: gesture

A: Technique, Cultural Context
B: Outsider
C: Symbols of Home OR lose 1 drawback
D: Best of Them OR lose 2 drawbacks

Technique: When using a weapon familiar to you, deal an additional 1d4 damage. When using armor familiar to you, reduce damage from attacks targeting your DODGE by 1d4. You start with familiarity of your starting equipment and similar items, and can gain familiarity by either training with a new weapon for a week or getting taught by an expert for a day.

Cultural Context: you find yourself in a society with wildly different expectations than normal. As such, you seem miraculous to others in some ways and foolish in others. Roll five times on each table below and choose four of the results for each. Remember, all of these are relative to the world you find yourself in now. If you are ignorant of laws, it may be because your home has no legal system, because it has outgrown the need for laws, or has laws so different as to provide unhelpful assumptions for this legal system. Drawbacks can be unlearned, but never easily.

d20 Advantages
  1. You can speak to (horses or trees or unconscious people)
  2. You understand alchemy
  3. You are hypernumerate
  4. You can fight perfectly in darkness, read lips, and sign
  5. You can always tell that someone is lying
  6. You can tell someone's HD by seeing them fight
  7. You are a master (economist or political scientist)
  8. You can always predict the weather
  9. You know the layout of Heaven like it's the next city over
  10. You charm and are charmed by (farmers or merchants or nobles)
  11. You can always navigate urban environments
  12. You walk on water
  13. You can change your gender presentation at will
  14. You leave no tracks and have no scent
  15. You can see perfectly in starlight
  16. You are immune to most madnesses
  17. You can sleep comfortably in all circumstances
  18. You can identify social pecking order at a glance
  19. You can tell what someone was thinking when you read their words
  20. At the most convenient moment, the DM will announce that an NPC thinks you are their soulmate.
d20 Drawbacks
  1. You cannot understand (lawyers or nobles or drunks)
  2. You don't understand politeness
  3. You don't understand sexual reproduction
  4. You cannot introspect
  5. You don't understand art
  6. You are faceblind
  7. You don't understand war
  8. You cannot fathom theology
  9. You cannot understand law
  10. You are sworn against (merchants or nobles or vagrants)
  11. You are lost in the forest
  12. You will drown in sand.
  13. You are sworn against leather, fur, and bowstrings
  14. Betrayal is a beneath your dignity to consider
  15. (birds or hounds or rivers) hate you
  16. Hatred is infectious to you
  17. You must sleep unobserved
  18. You are afraid of those in positions of social authority
  19. You consider it untoward to believe someone guilty of something that was not witnessed
  20. At the worst possible moment, the DM will tell you that an NPC is your soulmate.

It's obvious to everyone who sees you that you are not from around here. You can always find someone to explain what's happening, find people looking for disposable assistance, and find people interested in foreign cultures.

Symbols of Home: Designate three different items, such as "pipe, dagger, keycard" or "bridle, beard, ring." These items have always been significant to you, but they take on greater meaning as you remain far from home as long as you carry them. The first gives +2 HP. The second gives +2 BLOCK when not wearing heavy armor. The third gives +2 DEXTERITY to evading dangers. If you lose one of these items, it can be replaced with a different item of the same type.

Best of Them: When you explain to someone why they exemplify the best aspects of their civilization, test your CHARISMA. If you succeed, they are charmed by you and must act to live up to these aspects. You can only pull this trick once per person per week.


  1. Those advantages and disadvantages are sweet, I can absolute imagine characters with any numbers of those

  2. That is very nice work. I think I like this better than the "traditional" barbarian! In fact, I'm adding this to the list!

  3. This is a great idea, and I love the advantages list especially. I sometimes think this could be a way to define fantasy species - each one has a natural ability that seems like a superpower to the others.

  4. I had nearly missed this, and I am terribly glad I have not. Excellent, excellent, excellent.