Thursday, August 27, 2020

Okucenza Generators

In the style of previous generators, these are primarily for my own use in ongoing Vain the Sword games. They all owe a tremendous amount to myriad writers. The encounter generators are not as filled-in as with previous attempts, because the region of Okucenza is large enough to have different encounter tables in different sections. Each day's travel not only has the potential for an encounter event, but also has an "aignment" that colors the action of the hex, to give the impression that things are constantly changing and that cetrifugal and centripedal forces are acting without the player's intervention.

Edit: now with personalities inspired by Matt Halton's list of NPCs
Edit: now with encounter rolls differentiated by region. If you want inspiration for a random spirit, choose a random spirit card from MTG.
Edit: now with 100 mundane fictional animals.

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  1. I absolutely love the Radiant Quest Generator - I have a lot of trouble coming up with basic Things to Do, and this seems like a great way to set that up.