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LORESAGE (druid, investigator, sage, oracle)
1 slot per day
2 slots per day
Second Magnitude, new skill proficiency
4 slots per day
7 slots per day
Third Magnitude, Partake
10 slots per day
Mystery, new skill proficiency
15 slots per day
Fourth Magnitude, anticipate 1/day
20 slots per day
27 slots per day
Fifth Magnitude, new skill proficiency
34 slots per day
43 slots per day
Base Skills: Any one expertise, survivalism or psychology, and one other.
Spells: You spontaneously develop an ability to cast divine spells. You do not need to prepare spells each day, and learn two spells of your choice per level. For each casting of a starting-level spell, you must commit one spell slot. Later magnitudes cost a number of slots equal to their magnitude.
Mystery: Your listen to the will of the world, which takes you in some strange directions. Roll on any one chart below, going on to the next entry down if you roll a mystery that already affects your magic.
Table 11: d6 Loresage natural mysteries

You may use the survivalism skill to gossip with a natural environment, as per the rumor skill.
Choose a land mammal of large size or smaller. You may turn into that animal at will.
Choose a flying creature of your size or smaller. You may turn into that animal at will.
You may speak with animals and particularly opinionated plants or stone.
As long as you are in dense foliage or similar natural terrain, you are proficient in bolt and stealth.
Once per week, while in a natural place you may project your spirit into the mind-realm, assessing another’s soul remotely. This allows you to know what they are dreaming about, as well as make one psychology or implicature test without being near them.
Table 12: d6 Loresage social mysteries
When you test psychology, add “you do this at a glance” to available options to pick.
If you observe someone while they test a skill, you may make a free diligence roll to duplicate the effect as with the “practice a skill” test.
You are automatically aware of when someone nearby uses the nonverbal or implicature skill.
You gain a new skill or select a specialty in a skill you already possess, as per the thief’s skilfull ability.
You may use the psychology skill to jaunt or overland travel through a populated environment, as per the survivalism skill.
You can read a scene like you witnessed what happened yourself. You may used psychology to study a scene as though it were like a library, as per the library science skill.

Table 13: Loresage combat mysteries
You’ve developed supernatural. insight When wielding a light weapon, get attack +1 and once per day, you may reduce damage from an incoming attack by 1d12.
Once per day, create a flash of technicolor light. Anyone within 60 ft. looking in your direction must test dexterity of be blinded.
Your words hold a power to curse. As a standard action, you issue invective against one target. If they fail a charisma test, they get a -5 to the first roll on their next turn.
Your words hold the power to invigorate. As a standard action, you can give your allies a +1 to hit and damage on their next turn.
You have a natural sense of danger. Get a +3 to initiative rolls.
Your limbs can grow claws, tendrils, or other natural weapons. Your unarmed attacks deal 1d6 damage, and roll a random zone development from the fighter’s zone development table that applies when the natural weapon is unsheathed (reroll ones)
Magnitudes: While a loresage can learn a spell regardless of their power, they cannot cast spells of a higher magnitude than their level allows.
New skill proficiency: You become proficient in any one skill.
Partake: You ignore the harmful effects of mundane drugs.
Anticipate: Once per day, when in combat, a loresage can make a specific prediction about what action a foe will take. If the foe takes that action on their next turn, it provokes an attack or other standard action from the loresage, and the loresage may add 1d6 to any d20 roll later that day.

There are no special restrictions on which spells from the loresage spell list loresages are allowed to cast.
Spell Name
Aligned Annihilation
Ritual, divination, stars
You calculate celestial alignments for one target. The next day, all rolls against them have advantage and they roll disadvantage on death tests. This spell cannot target someone more than once in their lifetime.
Alter Waterway
water, ritual
You may use use expertise (nature) to bargain with a stretch of river or patch of water, convincing it to act differently as per the implicature skill. This spell requires concentration.
Ritual, divination, animal
You read the future in the movements of flocks, crowds, or similar things. Get advantage on the next rumor or survivalism roll you make that day. Additionally, your DM may give you some special portents.
Bad Weather
Ritual, nature
Over the course of a couple of hours, call weather that is extreme but not insane— often a storm or similar.
Call Animal
Ritual, charm, animal
An animal of a designated type finds you from up to 25 miles away, and treats you like their friend.
Call Comet
Ritual, stars
Some time in the next 1d4 nights, a comet will land within two miles of the point you designate. In addition to its strange material composition, it allows you to petition nature on the night it is falling, in much the same way a priest petitions their god.
Charm Animal
Charm, animal
One animal target treats you like their friend. You can cast this spell at third magnitude to affect a group of people.
Cold Snap
Ritual, nature, cold
The area around you for a mile gets noticeably colder. You can cloak yourself in snow, obscuring vision. The cold never bothers you. This lasts six hours. This spell requires concentration.
Dispel Charms
All charms before you end. If they were cast by a higher-level caster, you must make a spellcraft test, modified by their level, to succeed. This spell requires concentration.
Dispel Illusions
All illusions before you end. If they were cast by a higher-level caster, you must make a spellcraft test, modified by their level, to succeed.
One target may reroll a mental test for an ongoing effect. May only be used once per target per effect.
Empty the Warrens
Ritual, charm, animal
All animals within 10 miles find their way to you. They are not necessarily friendly, though they won’t attack each other. This spell requires concentration.
Emotion, charm, enchantment
First (cantrip)
You may alter a target’s fertility, potence, menstrual cycle, or ease childbirth.
Water, nature
Create a crossing through a river or stream. Lasts ten minutes. This spell requires concentration.
The target gets +2 to hit and damage, -2 AC, and cannot make complicated decisions. This lasts 10 minutes. Unwilling targets may test wisdom to resist.
Fool Me Once
Ignore a combat maneuver or trick that an opponent already successfully pulled off on you.
Gossamer Wings
Transformation, flight
Once every other round, you may flutter through the air, flying 100 feet and landing on a sturdy surface. This lasts an hour. This spell requires concentration.
Grow Claws
Transformation, animal, shadow, bone
Your hands distend into sharp nails. Your unarmed attacks deal 1d6 damage, and you may attack twice in a round with them.
Ritual, divination, blood, flesh
You divine the future based on the entrails and viscera of a slaughtered creature. For each hit die the creature possessed, get +1 to your next initiative roll that day. Additionally, your DM may give you some special portents.
Hell Weather
Nature, ritual, demon, angel, animal, blood, disease
Over the course of a couple of hours, call weather that is both extreme and insane— raining frogs, blood floods, and the like. This spell requires concentration.
Hidden Grove
Enchantment, ritual, place, curse
You make a previously accessible place difficult to find for those who do not know how to reach it, requiring a wisdom test to even locate it and making it impossible to stumble upon by accident.
Ritual, charm
Put a target into a state of contemplative relaxation. They get a bonus to intelligence tests to remember and a penalty to social skills equal to your level for as long as they are in the trance. Unwilling targets may tests wisdom with advantage to resist. This spell requires concentration.
Charm, leadership, ritual
You force an issue into public controversy. It becomes a contentious topic, with a significant faction moving for it. This spell has a weakened effect when the issue would be dangerous to support, or when there are already many other controversies at hand.
Mutation (physical)
Ritual, Transformation, radiation
The target gets a random sorcerer physical mutation. This lasts for 12 hours.
Observe Style
Strike, research
On your next turn, get advantage to hit one target
Piercing Questions
Test psychology. If you succeed, the target must answer one question with an honest one-word answer. For each 5+ you succeed by, they must answer another such question. This spell requires concentration.
Get +10 to an untrained expertise test. This spell requires concentration.
Ritual, life, necromancy, healing, flesh, soul, oil
You render a cadaver to oil, then let them cool into a new, living, form. Randomly select a new race for them. If the characteristic the race rerolls is not their old rerolled characteristic, subtract 2 from their old one, then roll for the new characteristic, taking the better between the old score and the new.
Representative Sample
Divination, research
Cast when reading a publication or gossiping to get the most baseline, typical information that will help to understand what most people in an area feel. This spell requires concentration.
Speak with Trees and Stones
Nature, speech
You may use use expertise (surveying) to bargain and gossip with trees and stones, as per the implicature and rumor skills. This spell requires concentration.
Summon Animal
Summoning, animal
You summon a 1 HD animal to serve you for one hour. You can this spell at a higher magnitude to increase the HD by one for each magnitude. This spell requires concentration.
Summon Haunting
Summoning, spirit, shadow, place, ritual
You summon collection of ineffable spirits whose nature is tied to the location in which they were summoned. Their powers are variable, but they can typically speak, levitate objects, and drain the life force of living beings. They are a mostly loyal to you. This spell requires concentration.
Summon Swarm
Summoning, animal, ooze, flight
You summon a 3 hd swarm of small creatures to serve you for one hour. You can this spell at a higher magnitude to increase the HD by one for each magnitude. This spell requires concentration.
Enchantment, place
Second (cantrip)
Designate a place you are familiar with. Whenever someone enters it, your hairs stand up on your back. Lasts as long as you are familiar with the place.
Ritual, transformation, nature, animal, flesh
Cast this spell while you eat another sapient race. Get a +2 to the “reroll” stat that race gets. If it is a monstrous creature, gain a themed ability based on its capabilities. This lasts until the end of the day. If you are a gnoll, this instead allows you to use the race’s advantage.
Sensitive Physiology
Gain advantage to perceive in poor conditions, such as seeing in darkness. Your sense of touch is as potent as sight normally is. Get disadvantage when your new senses are overwhelmed.  This spell requires concentration.
Tend the Pack
Leadership, animal
Through advice and encouragement, you heal a target a number of HP equal to your level plus your constitution modifier. Cannot target the same person twice in one day.
Tracking Tack
Rune, divination, item
Place a small mark on a target. You can track it through most circumstances without making a survivalism roll, and gain advantage on survivalism rolls to track it through extreme conditions.
Ritual, divination, water
You read the future in the movements of disturbed water. Test wisdom plus your level. If you succeed, ask one question and learn who might know the answer. For each 5+ you succeed by, you may inquire again. This spell requires concentration.
True North
Divination, metal
First (cantrip)
You know the direction of magnetic north.
Ritual, place, nature
The area within 100 ft. of you is sheltered from all negative effects of the weather. This lasts for one day, and generates enough food and water to feed a number of people equal to your level. This spell requires concentration.
Open Book
Divination, research
Ask a number of questions about a target equal to your intelligence score, which the DM must answer. You deduce these questions based on their physical appearance and nonverbal actions. This spell requires concentration.
Water Blast
You throw a gush of water up to 50 ft. Make a ranged attack to deal 2d6 damage.
Ritual, blood, nature, animal, spirit, shadow
In a sacrifice of the blood of a newborn deer that has not once eaten anything, you call a number of Wolves equal to your level. These Wolves are wholly loyal to you, though they are not true animals. This spell requires concentration.
Words on the Wind
Speech, wind
You whisper a message that is carried through the air up to 30 miles, delivered to all members of a certain group that you specify. The group must be general, such as all druids, anyone who has slept on a bed in the past week, or magical creatures. You can cast this spell at fifth magnitude to carry the message any distance. This spell requires concentration.
Wyrding Weapon
Strike, divination, weapon
Each time you hit a foe, ask a question about them and receive some kind of answer from the DM. This must be an attack at full strength, or else trivia will result.

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