Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Daring! Astounding!

At first level, and every four levels thereafter, a character learns a feat. This is a little specialty or advantage that might distinguish one character with a certain race and class from their twin. Unlike in Pathfinder, feats are not iterated upon and they don’t have prerequisites. Once you take “two-weapon fighting,” that’s your thing, and you don’t need to keep picking new feats that are better versions of it.

Prophetic dreams: you will periodically see visions of future places, items, and NPCs. This often include cryptic clues about points of interest.
Oops! All mutants!: Gain one random physical sorcerer mutation.
Weapon specialization: Choose a specific weapon type, such as a dagger or javelin. When using that weapon, get +2 to hit, and you have ridiculous precision with it.
Two-weapon fighting: When standing still and using two one-handed weapons, you may get a -3 to attacks you make to get an additional attack.
Maneuvers: Get +2 to one combat maneuver of your choice.
Ward-robber: Learn the wardsight and drill cantrips, and gain two spell slots you must use for those spells. Once per day, you may dispel a ward. If it was cast by a higher-level character, you must make a spellcraft test, modified by their level, to succeed.
Spellthief: When you succeed on a spell test inflicted by an enemy, if the spell was of a magnitude equal to a third your level or lower, you may grasp onto the magical echo and release it on your next turn, effectively casting it for free.
Spy: You may use the nonverbals skill in place of stealth or rumor while in disguise.
Almanack: You can always predict the general natural weather patterns of a region with at least 50% accuracy. Additionally, you know the important holidays and agricultural timetables.
Combatant: You may add half of your level to combat maneuver defense instead of your attack.
Focus in Armor: You may cast spells that require concentration in one level heavier armor than normal (default light.)
Apostasy: Once, you may choose a new patron or god. Your previous master is now a powerful enemy. Any spells of incompatible domains are spontaneously retrained into something more fitting.
Squire: You have a hale, young servant whom you are teaching your heroic ways. They are half your level (rounded down,) and usually quite loyal.
Daredevil: When you are doing a physical action in a needlessly dangerous fashion, gain DR 2 and +2 to hit.
Inventive: When creating magic items or complex machines, you are always considered to be proficient in any relevant craft skills.
Theurgy: Learn two spells from another class’s spell list. This does not grant additional spell slots. You may ignore domain requirements.
Signature moves: Gain one signature move of a magnitude equal to one third your level, rounded down.
Competence: Gain any two skill proficiencies. Unless they are both craft or both expertise, they cannot belong to the same primary attribute.
Familiar: Gain a familiar, as per the wizard class feature. While they are a good study partner, they do not allow you to learn spells if you otherwise could not.
Book-Learned: Gain three language points.
Sidebar: Gain the backing of a patron or god. This allows you to bargain or petition them for spells and other things at a -3 penalty. Binders and patrons may take this feat for an additional patron or god.
Mystery: Gain one random loresage mystery from the table of your choice.
Fail forward: Gain the fail forward ability, as per the prodigal class feature.
Finesse: You may use dexterity to hit with melee weapons rather than strength.
Brawling: You unarmed attacks deal 1d8 damage, plus your strength modifier.
Sworn Duty: Only binders and clerics may take this feat, and only at first level. You are granted a usurping blade (see magic items below.) Additionally, whenever you slay a target of the blade, you are freed from all taboos 
Tincturist: You may learn magic from potions as though they were scrolls. Additionally, a successful survival test to gather components can reduce the time spent making potions by 1d4 hours.

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