Monday, January 30, 2023

15 More Magic Items

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  1.  Blessed Bag. Sanctified to carry relics or perhaps an important skull. Will preserve what it contains and protect it from evil forces. If you put a cursed or evil object (like poison or a hateful screed) inside, it starts to sweat red foam.
  2. Amazing Boots. +1 to all rolls that involve your feet or legs, like climbing. +2 to rolls that are very leggy or footy, like sprinting, marching, or kicking.
  3. Twisting Spit. Heads cooking on the spit murmur secrets, most cogent at the point in cooking where the twisting of the spit negates the rotation of it, and just before the fire burns up the head from the bottom up.
  4. Rivendine Steel Cutlass. Cutting blade forged in the forges and choruses of Rivendell, or some other such place. +1 to hit. Cuts through undergrowth with ease, allowing full-speed single-file travel through jungle hexes. Can be cleaned of sap or blood with a single, cool-looking flick.
  5. Somnal Spear. Pale-hafted spear, ready at-hand in dreams. Can dowse for the dreams of nearby warriors if held by the worthy.
  6. Obnulate Long-Axe. Ceremonial axe. At will, can be the most prominent thing or the least prominent thing about your party.
  7. Arcane Rod: Polished staff with a minor, mindless will. Will aid its wielder by creating small flames, doing sums, telekinetically stirring brews, etc. If a magician attempts to invade its owner’s mind, the Rod can temporarily distract them with psychic struggle.
  8. Chemic Polesword. Sharp, flat +1 blade that softly weeps a gigre as oil, creating a dose per day.
  9. Ilten, Reluctant Khopesh. Chipped sword of arsenical copper. On its wielder’s turn in combat, it can attack once with THEWS 14. It will only do so to end violence or punish the grossest offenses. Capable of betraying its user.
  10. Sober Pipe. Mauve wood pipe worn smooth. Smoke from the pipe is corrosive to illusions, disguises, and charms. Makes anyone mid-lie cough.
  11. Singing Spear. Functions as a 1st-level wizard.
  12. The Many Implements of Sainted Eleazer. Indeterminately-sized collection of +1 daggers, sickles, and pokers. Enough to arm a large band, or two sworn duelists. None slain by such an implement will bear witness against the slayer; inspecting the corpse reveals they were stabbed, but nothing else.
  13. Censer-Flail. When lit, embers deal +1 damage. Also functions as a narcomanta for any drugs burned, infusing all nearby allies with the drug's effects.
  14. Lover's Flask. Immaculate silver vial, engraved with two robins. Keeps all fluid warm. Renders a limb or torso immune to frostbite, etc. If worn over the heart, can be sacrificed to downgrade a critical hit to a normal hit.
  15. Master Tools. Handled hooks, prods, and picks, the ends covered in sensitive aluminum hairs. A lock picker can use these to stretch a lock up to a 12-inch diameter, revealing the presence of any additional mechanisms that would give away a trap or alarm.


  1. 15/15! I especially like the pipe and the spit.

    1. Thanks Arnold. I'm pretty happy with that spit.