Saturday, January 7, 2023

Darke Renegade (GLoG Class: Cool Rogue)

Feels like it's been a while since I've done a quick, uncomplicated GLoG class.
art by Dia Nak

Starts with: cool sword (d8, describe with at least three adjectives) that you don’t need a sheath for, spiked blackleather (as leather but +1 to sneaking, breaking grabs, and dark poses), 6 ninja stars (d6), goggles, pomade, metal bar

A: Dark Past, I Work Alone, choose +1 Modus Operandi

B: Ultraviolence, +1 random Modus Operandi

C: +2 random Modus Operandi

D: Omegaviolence, +1 random Modus Operandi

Dark Past

The vague yet malicious group that ruined your life is still out there, and you owe them a revengeance. The DM will designate certain results on all random encounter tables as being agents of that vague, malicious group. Such agents never get the drop on you, and you can always track them.

I Work Alone

When the party is about to undertake a dangerous mission from a place of relative safety, give a moody excuse for why you’re going to help them this time to get +1 to your initiative roll in your next encounter.


+4 to your first attack from the shadows. When catching a foe by surprise or when fighting creatures with 1 or less HD, after a successful hit you can attack them again and again until you miss.


May use Ultraviolence against any foe of fewer HD than you.

Modus Operandi

  1. Nothing Personnel- each night, summon up to [level]x2 shadowy minions. They have 1 hp, have peasant stats except they use your attack bonus, and look like dark clones of you.

  2. Bad Girls and Bad Boys- In every dungeon (broadly defined), the same hot adversary in blackleather can always be found aiding the dungeon’s master. They are opposed to you but will not allow you to die if they can help it. They have HD equal to your Darke Renegade level.

  3. Motorcycle- Inexplicably, you acquire a loud metal steed. When riding by foes your cool sword gets a bonus to hit and damage equal to your darke renegade level. If you deliberately leap from it you take no damage from road rash.

  4. I Walk in the Shadows- When standing in the shadows, you can teleport to another shadow you can see up to [level]x20 feet away. It makes a cool humming sound when you do.

  5. Welcome to my Twisted Mind- +[level] to resist all mental effects inflicted by another creature, and if you succeed they must save or suffer the effects.

  6. Without Goodbyes- You can “enter stealth” even if someone looks away just for a second.

  7. Pact- Gain a magic die and two random, edgy spells. You can use magic items as though you were a nerd wizard.

  8. Underworld Connections- There’s always [level] contacts you have in any given town that you can bully into selling black market goods or giving information about what’s going on.

  9. Haunted- The ghosts of the life that was taken from you manifests in your shattered, cool psyche.The first time each session that you sleep, a ghost of a loved one gives you a guilt trip them warns you vaguely about [level] dangers the DM thinks might come up. If they do, you automatically win initiative if it’s a foe or get +3 to the saving throw or whatever.

  10. Alter Ego- Sometimes, you’re not you— you’re a more normal-looking but still attractive and cool guy who is edgy. When in this disguise, no one can tell you’re the same person as long as you don’t carry weapons or armor, and you get +1 reaction with the sheeple who normally hate your guts.


  1. Phlox, you really haven't pulled any punches this time. Marvelous!