Wednesday, February 8, 2023

15 More More Magic Items

 See also here and here and here. This time, I wanted to do some more mundane objects, and ones that mostly lacked names. I feel like in some campaigns a magic pepper mill would be considered silly, but if you're consistently depicting a world where everyday objects really do feature, there's nothing too odd about it.

  1.  Deck of marked cards, with intricate, faded backs. Each card contains a charge of magic missile, triggering when someone looks at the face. Afterwards, the face loses magic and color. 1-54 cards/charges, plus an informational card that tells of the cardmakers.
  2. Peppershaker containing the Buds of Noo. Inhaling or ingesting the buds causes a save vs death. On a failure, your mind blooms with the genius of Noo the Mighty for 1d4 hours. He loves drinking and poetry, and is probably mortally offended by whatever you were up to. He will probably try to take the peppershaker from whoever has it to stick around for longer.
  3. Spy canvas, a framed, amateurish painting of the street outside a tavern popular with noble women and their lovers. This same canvas has been painted over many times. Any scene that is painted on the spy canvas changes in real time to show a view of what is going on in the depicted place. Suns set, steps are swept, and people wander through. Seems to work even on fictional locations, but it's not clear what that means.
  4. Green inkpot full of red ink. Paper covered in writing from this ink can move on its own, obeying commands by folding itself into origami creatures and sliding into hiding places. The paper servants have intelligence dependant on what is written on them, and marring the writing can destroy them. Enough ink for 2d6 pages.
  5. Sturdy quilt with a handsome pattern of squares and diamonds in an autumnal palette. Anyone or anything covered in it is immune to fire, water damage (but not suffocation), cold, and other ills.
  6. Scylla-bone umbrella, covered in thick fabric and handled in polished ebony. Anyone under the umbrella just looks like a patch of rain to anyone out from under it. This makes them invisible when it's raining and at least obscures their identity otherwise. Can cover about one and a half people.
  7. Silver pen-knife with a squared iron handle. Can cut through wood as easily as paper. If used without a glove, the handle makes your hand smell like blood.
  8. Wide-brimmed hat with a snakeskin hatband. If you die while wearing this, a snake will slither out of it, with HD equal to the creature that killed you. It has a fondness for your friends and family, but it's not wise to push it.
  9. Lightning-gold scabbard. Weapons sheathed in it still do 1d6 damage. Unsheathing a weapon takes a full round, and for a minute after it fills the air with pressure, ozone stink, and grim promise. Cowardly enemies must test their morale to approach, and critical hits with the weapon discharge the lightning, causing a save vs death. On a failure, the creature's heart is stopped and it is slain.
  10. Coin purse, held closed with a striped red-and-white string with a couple metal clips hanging off it. Each day, will give an accurate count of distance traveled.
  11. Dark leather waterskin, etched with a depiction of a bearded man in a conical, striped hat. The one who carries this skin is immune to all magics cast on them by anyone who has drank from it. Sought by medusae.
  12. Banded trunk, banged-up and patched. At the command, follows its owner with elephantine determination. Attracted to luggage cars, porters, and mimics.
  13. Telescoping balsa spyglass in a round bamboo case. When used backwards, shows magic as motes of different-colored dust.
  14. Brass bearing compass, always pointing first to the nearest road and then, when on a road, in the direction of the great city Nibelene.
  15. Mask of Ekofa, a black fabric mask with three eyes and an amiable expression. Semi-intelligent and capable of speech. Can be left on a clothesline to serve as a watchman.

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