Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Reviewvember 2022

Hello good people of the OSR blogosphere. Out of love for the community, but mostly its blogs with their rich backlogs and its people with their jovial wit, I offer this friendly challenge:


This is the first SFW image in my "adventures" folder

Your challenge: in the month of November, you must

  1. play with content from someone else’s blog, then 
  2. write about it on your blog.
This content could be a fun dungeon, a cool magic item or prep method, or anything else you bring to your game. The writing you do could be a review, a send-up, a play report, or anything that adds to the society and exchange of OSR blogs.
The above is the whole of the challenge. Here's some tips and ideas for finding content:
  • Look through your favorite blog's index
  • Ask a friend on discord about the blog posts they're proudest of
  • Check out a collection of dungeons or other material
  • Search a discord blogroll for random keywords like "mushroom", "trap", or "werewolf"
  • Remember your browser bookmarks and link collections
  • Pick a random page from the backlog of your favorite blog. If it's glamor shots of their 40K figures, try again.
Much love and good hope to you all.

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