Monday, October 3, 2022

Owning Anything Unshared

 (Base-building for GLoGtober 2022.)

Everythings made this with an AI
In the gradual development of a party of PCs from dangerous scoundrels to dangerous scoundrels with a domain, attaining their first address is a major step. Players often enjoy acquiring a clubhouse, and it facilitates a lot of fun play situations. To spur your imagination, here are some advantages to be savored upon reaching this intermediate step in party advancement.
(And for DMs, some complications that might come up for PCs who have not yet reached it.)
  • Business cards can be printed with an address.
  • Letters, packages, and couriers have an unambiguous place to go.
  • Landowners trust landowners.
  • Wares and objects can be reliably stored near a settlement.
  • Avoiding the cost of renting or danger of camping. If there is taxation it occurs in longer intervals.
  • Often, the right to participate in local politics while seeming legitimate.
  • Social cache from hosting parties and social events.
  • Access to backroom and backdoors facilitates unscrupulous meetings.
  • Ease of spying on neighbors.
  • Grow herbs other and beneficial plants.
  • Excuse for hidden panels, custom furniture, and jewels hidden in loose floorboards.
  • Dry storage for all rugs, paintings, and art objects found in the dungeon while a buyer is located.
  • Go-to rendezvous point if the party is separated.
  • Improves marriageability.
  • Useful as collateral in loans.
  • Hedge against dungeon-gold-rush-style inflation.
  • Sit in siege once the vengeance of the gnoll kings comes to town.

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