Monday, April 4, 2022

OSE Hexcrawl Generator 2

 An updated version of the previous hexcrawl key generator, with an eye towards expanded variety and greater detail. 

art by Thorø Larsen of False Idols. (Edited with picsart)

New features include:

  • Prompts for the addition of rivers, roads, and mountain ranges. This may be the only practical way for the generator to handle these.
  • Four in seven regions will now have a coast to a cardinal direction.
  • Previous generator had two random terrain types predominate. Now has an equal chance of two types, three types, or one type with a secondary. In all cases. there are still outlier hexes.
  • Hex descriptions reformatted, with more locations, hex information, and link to relevant OSE encounter table.
  • Rebalanced hex features to mimic dungeon stocking procedure, after a suggestion from ktrey. Monster lairs now more common. 
  • More detailed monster lairs, including details from Tamás Kisbali. "Monster moots" now no longer a common lair type, but may come up without that name.
  • More town details.
  • Added otherworldly portals.
  • More humanoids and slightly more monsters.
  • Added links for all spellcasting classes to the OSE spell memorized generator. Added links for treasure maps to the relevant treasure type generator.
The generator:


  1. Oh yeah!!!! Great expansion!

    "Ratman bridge with a pool of lava. The leader’s attractive heir refuses all suitors, and their parents are crestfallen."
    We have unearthed a lost work of Shakespeare.

  2. Hey, I noticed that the "Owl Woman" entry might have a typo, because every time it shows up, it prints out the link into the text. :) href="">Owl Woman

    Love the generator, btw!

    1. Thanks for the call-out. I *think* I fixed it, which probably means I'm a couple attempts away from ironing it out.

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing this mighty effort.
    How big are the recommended hexes?

    1. The beloved 6-mile hex. Though of course it could be scaled to taste simply by changing how long it takes to traverse a single hex. Thank you for your kind words.