Tuesday, March 22, 2022

OSE Hexcrawl Generator

(Superceded by this sequel)

 This tool, using Spwack's list to HTML generator, will make a largely system-agnostic 10x10 hex key for a classic D&D region. It does not generate a map image. If you were planning a campaign with this tool, I would recommend labeling bolded entries on a hex map and very little else.

The region will be dominated by two random types of landscape, with a few outliers. It will also describe various settlements and inhabitants, assuming a Human-majority world. Each region will have a couple "motifs," recurring contents meant to give a sense of continuity to the region, so do not be surprised if the same entry shows up a few times. 

The generator will suggest naming conventions, but has no way of applying those to all the people and places that are generated. I suggest using the search feature of this website, which should have all types of names that the generator suggests. Omissions in naming conventions are based on the fact that I wanted to suggest names that were easily searchable. 

This has been a labor of love, and I can easily imagine spending a lot longer designing this. A future version may one day arrive that includes details like treasure hoards, expanded lists, and greater variety of motifs.


  1. I see an error in which some features will get stuck between generations. Until I fix this, you should reload the page each time you want to generate a hexcrawl.

  2. "The Chaotic mainline faith teaches Armed Pilgrimage, Astrology, and Ritual Cannibalism" ho-ho-ho!

    This is great! I love JG-style hexcrawls with just a couple additional keywords added in... "Leper colony, led by a level 1 Chaotic Acrobat. They cover themselves in bells and practice Sky Burials"

    1. Ah, sorry! Judges Guild. I meant the barebones style of the old Wilderlands stuff. But your version adds more gameable and evocative details.

    2. Oh, word. Glad you like it. I do feel like a little detail can go a long way.

  3. The mainline/splinter/old faith system is pretty cool too.

    "Human fortress of bookbinding, tailoring, crime, and laundry. Ruled by a level 11 Chaotic Thief. Lots are periodically thrown to determine who they will sacrifice to the Crab, Giant that the people live in fear of. Ruined old faith sanctuary"
    Bookbinding, tailoring, CASUAL CRIME, laundy...