Monday, March 14, 2022

GLoG Class: Crackshot (Buckets of Blood)

 Nerds in their basements talk of "fighting men," soldiers in the battle between Good and Evíl. Their games are always set in some magical past, with Kings Arthur and Rings of the Lord, since they stopped making right and wrong when the world went crazy. "Fighting Men?" There's plenty to fight against but nothing to fight for.

Starting equipment:

  • Practical Motorcycle: Off-roads quite well. You can get it through any space larger than a small coffin, even if you have to wrangle it yourself, at at least walking speed. Always theoretically repairable. Maximum speed 100 MPH, going 0 to 70 in six second.
  • Sniper Rifle: or rather, a rifle with a scope. Deals 1d8 damage, 3d8 if you take an extra round to aim. If you take a whole minute to measure the wind and prepare and so on, you ignore range penalties out to a mile, and a struck target saves vs. death.
  • Two Hundred Bullets: of a very common kind. For duck hunting, say. If you're isekai'd, you need to make these count.
  • Leather Jacket, Jeans, Helmet: For road rash. Used to look cool. Counts as unarmored, but whenever you crash you take minimum damage. A crash deals 1d6 damage for every 10 MPH.
  • Tool Kit: Quiet plastic case. Allows bypass of all domestic and most commercial doors, among other uses.
  • Tin of Coffee and Little Pour-Over Set: Works about half the time. Counts as rations. You've got coffee grounds between your teeth. If you're isekai'd, you need to make these count too.
  • 12x9 Envelope: Bubble-padded interior. Contains half-written manifesto.

Class: Crackshot
Starting Skill (d3):
1. self-defense law, 2. Living off the grid, 3. Identifying phonies

  1. Goon: This is one of those "starting equipment-forward" classes
  2. Dragoon: Overwhelm, Guzzler
  3. Operative: Practiced Repair, False Heraldry
  4. Road Warrior: 360 No-Scope

Overwhelm: when you crash into someone with your bike, deal maximum damage. When you jump out of nowhere with a knife and yell "surprise", deal maximum damage. When you roll out from under a car with a rifle, deal maximum damage. 

Guzzler: You can use lamp oil, grease, corn syrup, a particular personal excretum, or similar fluids to fuel your motorcycle.

Practiced Repair: Your gear is always in optimal condition. You can disassemble a rifle so it fits into an overstuffed 12x9 envelope, then reassemble it in only a minute. When you repair or modify a mechanism you find, it takes half the time. This charms edgelords.

False Heraldry: You could always steal some plates and wear a helmet to conceal your identity, but now you can do it off-screen with a fifteen minutes of downtime in an urban area. You can seem like nobody in particular, like a particular biker, or like a particular kind of biker.

360 No-Scope: you always hit targets more than five feet away, and always count as having taken time to aim (and therefore deal 3d8 damage and cause saves vs. death)


  1. I like the implication that being isekai'd is something that could just...happen to you in BoB. I suppose Army of Darkness is definitely in Appendix N here.

  2. New loot: Scroll of Isekai Weebs