Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Black Roads

  1.  After the passing of generations, the center of life shall be smote and my people will be in confusion. Each man shall do what is right in his own eyes and the nations shall be in confusion.
  2. And in this time a righteous man shall come to serve a wicked king, and I will anoint him in secret to lead his people in a new nation that I shall raise up greater than any, save the one I promise to you.
  3. And I will prepare the land for this nation as I have prepared yours for your people.
  4. In time, the land will grow prosperous, and become a nation of nations. They shall have no temple and no priest, only captains of law. And these captains shall commission the building of black roads between each town, such that two chariots may pass each other on the road.
  5. The width of these roads will be twenty-five cubits or more, and the length shall be half a myriad of miles. Fires of nur, of fire, of amber, and smaragdine shall show the way to travelers, so no man must wander who is a stranger in one portion of the country. Each principality I will also make to mark the byways. Each marking shall be gold or silver, but shall not mix the gold with the silver, or the man who limns so will perish right away. Each marking of gold or silver shall be colored also with sable, scarlet, turqoise, and other bright colors.
  6. The sacrifices that shall be offered to me shall be slaughtered in the black roads.
  7. Daily they will sacrifice myriad rodents and many wild game, the young and old together, the quick and the slow together. These they will be allowed to eat or set astride the road for me; the flies shall tear the flesh away until it is gone forever.
  8. On each day also I will send death to certain of the people on the black roads. I will bring quick catastrophe to them, and thereby seize their lives. These I will take undiscerning of age or standing, the wicked with the righteous, for the wicked I punish by cutting short their lives and the righteous I reward by sparing their living.
  9. In these days, I will not reveal myself to priests. The priests of my family the kings Hezekiah and Josiah will have slain, and I will have receded many generations.
  10. But I will speak to my Samyazazim, who partake of beer and are drunk, and ride long my black roads, unmoved by their hands yet trusting in mine.


  1. As somebody named Josiah, it's kind of weird seeing my name in an RPG post, even if it's biblically based! I love the imagery though, thank you!