Saturday, September 12, 2020

Some of my Favorite GLOG Classes

 Ancalagon of Of Slugs and Silver listed some of their favorite GLOG classes by other people, and asked for others to join in. Continuing this spirit of kudos and unearthing old treasures, I present some of my favorites.

  • Lexi's Psion. I run a modified version of this for Vain the Sword's cleric-type, and it's always a BLAST.
  • Ancalagon's Alchemist, which is more like an initiation into medieval alchemy, with interesting resource management mingling in marvelous powers.
  • Vayra's Oiled Paladin. So many abilities, and all of them make you want to play the character. Not just the class, but the person in that role.
  • Deus Ex Parabola's Mighty Man. A class that fills a perhaps too-small niche, but that knows what it is and oozes goodness goo.
  • Gorinich's Mysterious Dagger. Abraham Lincoln once asked "Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my unwilling host-wielder?" and he was right.
  • ArnoldK's Baboonist. Eminently usable while feeling utterly strange. 
  • Xenophon's Bender. A straightforward adaption of the elemental martial artists from Avatar.
  • Oblidisideryptch's Veteran. A fighter that is affecting to read.
Please consider joining in! Post other folks's GLOG classes, and say a bit about why you like them. 

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