Monday, September 21, 2020

Dungeons of Ynn

 Previously, I expressed my admiration for Emmy Allen's Gardens of Ynn depthcrawl, but wished for a way to play a more goal-oriented game with the tools the book provides. To that end, I've created a little dungeon generator, referencing material from the tables, details, and bestiary of Ynn, as well as Courtney Campbell's rooms resource

The dungeons all generate a d6 random encounter table, as well as exactly ten rooms. You can generate additional rooms at your leisure. There is no set level for the dungeon, so be sure to present the most powerful monsters in ways that signpost their danger and allow a party to either face them with an advantage or avoid them altogether. You will need a copy of the Gardens of Ynn to reference for the rules of the monsters and location details.

This generator can be used to make adventure locations within the Gardens, but with slight adjustment can also create Ynn-themed locations in the prime world.


  1. Oh this is good, this is very very good. By the by, if you use the updated list-to-HTML thingy and include a -u flag, you can avoid having duplicate items, for example, in the random encounters list!

    1. Integrated! Note that is should still be possible to get duplicate encounters, since each dungeon type pulls in varied ratios from the day and night encounters of Ynn, which are two separate lists with duplicate entries on both.