Thursday, June 11, 2020

Vain the Sword Character Generator


  1. I think this is the most impressive thing I've seen made with my generator! Any suggestions for improvements? I should probably include some kind of dice rolling capability

    1. Your generator has been very useful to me! A dice-rolling feature would be keen. Speaking from a position of total HTML ignorance, it would also be useful to have a way to say "if table 1 output number ten, output number ten on table 4." Basically, when I generate stats I have would love to be able to put derived stats somewhere else in the sheet. Thank you for making this tool. It is quite helpful.

    2. Ooh, the ability to pick X options from a table without repeating would be neat too. Would cut down on the generator making characters that speak both Spanish and Spanish.

    3. Firstly, you can make a "select without replacement" by changing the line in expand_string to:
      return (map.hasOwnProperty(x) ? map[x].splice([Math.floor(Math.random() * map[x].length)], 1) : x)

      However, if it has more "requests" than there are entries, you'll either get a bunch of "undefined" or it'll just crash, I'm not sure which

      Brief crash course in Javascript, huzzah! If you put the line:
      function r(x) = { Math.floor(Math.random() * x) } somewhere, and then do:
      var strength_stat = r(6)+r(6)+r(6)+3
      in selectRandom(), then you can literally just add `+strength_stat+` into the line, and it will work. Probably! You can email me at slightadjustments [at] gmail [dot] com if you want more detailed instructions or something wrangled. Always happy to help!