Tuesday, June 9, 2020

T-H-I-E-F: the Spellthief Guild

An entry into Lexi's Thief Guild system for GLOG. This one is not intended to be specifically compatible with Vain the Sword, but could be brought up to speed with a modicum of effort. It is based on one of my favorite D&D 3.5 classes, the Spellthief, though I hope this class is more broadly useful.
Starting equipment: a handaxe, a bump key, cloth armor, fingerless gloves, a brass idol
Skills (2, d6): 1. ancient history, 2. acrobatics, 3. tattooistry, 4. hobnobbing, 5. vagrancy, 6. cold reading

✧:if you prepare for it on the previous turn, you can snatch a spell out of the air as it is being cast and immediately cast it yourself with the same MD roll, incurring any mishaps or dooms. If the MD used exceed your level, you must test intelligence or lose control of the spell.
✧✧:Now when you save against a spell or stab a wizard in the back, you may snatch a spell as above. Snatched spells can be held for up to 1 hour before use.
✧: You may render a magical item inert for one day to acquire a use of its power in the form of a spell. This will sometimes be straightforward, sometimes require adjudication.

✧:You gain the services of a small, loyal animal. It understands simple one-word commands, optionally accompanied by a point.
✧✧: This familiar is now of humanoid-level intelligence and gains the ability to speak all languages you speak. 
✧: The familiar now regularly confers with magical experts among its own kind. Gain 1 MD, and learn two spells that would be known by a wizard of your familiar's type (e.g. charm vermin for owls, detect traps for mice, hypnotize for snakes)

Tavern Bravery
✧: When under the influence, gain immunity to fear and advantage on madness and carousing checks.
✧✧: Immediately before a job or delve, go to a public place to boast. If you do, test your charisma to get 2d4 random bravos and rowdies to assist you right now. If you fail your charisma test, you still get one. As time goes on, reason threatens to make them leave.
✧: As above, but double the number of bravos and rowdies you bring along. Also, once per job you may reroll any d20 roll as long as a bravo or rowdy is watching you.

Cheap Tricks
✧: you now have the ability to use scrolls and similar items as though a wizard of your level. You can almost always convince a layperson that a nonmagical item is magical, at least for a little while.
✧✧: With patter and distracting fetishes, you can ask questions that go unnoticed. Once per conversation, make an opposed charisma roll. If you succeed, they quickly answer a question without realizing it.
✧: Gain 1 MD that can only be used while gesticulating and waving baubles around. Also, you may learn spells from magic items as though they were scrolls.

Opportunistic Piety
✧: you may turn undead as a cleric, taking 1d4 rounds to try an eclectic mix of prayers and holy symbols.
✧✧: You may steal and cast whatever the cleric version of spells are in this version, just like spellsnatching ✧ for normal MD spells. Also, if any foe strikes you while you are taking no offensive action and begging them to stop, gain 1 hp.
✧: As above, but when you save against a cleric spell or stab a cleric in the back, you may snatch a spell as above.

✧:When you touch a sleeping or unconscious person (or share a dream with them), you may steal a random spell, allowing you to cast it at any point in the next hour with +1 MD (minimum 1.)
✧✧:When you touch a sleeping or unconscious person (or share a dream with them), you may interrogate their unconscious selves, halfway between reading their minds and casting speak with dead. Ask one question per level you possess. 
✧: Your dreams are prophetic and strange. +1 MD and when you are physically attacked you may spend MD to add to your AC, losing spent MD as normal.

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