Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Plot Hooks of Ynn and Ynn Natives

When my players started running around in Ynn, they constantly asked for directions. It was hilarious every time to have a salamandar blink, nod, and say "follow me!," tramping in a random direction. I would throw them a small bone. Looking for a particular kind of settlement with a guide meant I would interpret any random settlement as that one. If I run adventures with specific objectives in the Gardens of Ynn, the ability of natives to semi-navigate, or the presetting of certain locations will be very important. People have found it difficult to imagine how to run adventures in Ynn beyond the natural adventure of exploring and getting lost. I think slightly reducing randomness is a great tool in ameliorating that.
Thomas Kinkade

d4 Plot Hooks of Ynn (some adapted from the rumor table)

  1. A Dream of Metal and Gears is attempting to overrun Ynn. After depth 8, roll a d4 for encounters. Rolls of 1 are infected by the Dream, rolls of 2 are fearful servants of the dream, rolls of 3 or 4 are independent or servants of an enemy dream (possibly including the Idea of Thorns.) The Dream itself resides in a clockwork tower around depth 14. People who know its location have a 50% of finding it at that depth.
  2. A Sidhe is attempting to escape through an open door, and is willing to work with the PCs.As they travel together, it becomes clear what a disaster the Sidhe's arrival in their world would be.  A band of croquet-mercenaries serving a Shepherd of Trees hunt the Sidhe and any allies armed with Hamartia, a poison that can afflict the ancient creature.
  3. A high-ranking rose maiden hires the party to guard her as she travels to a meeting of the Dandelions, the directing council of her kind. Flower politics are subtle, and even nonmagical plants encountered on the way to the Filigree Orchid-house in depth 8 have their own agenda.
  4. The king of a chess set is newly advised by a Ferret-Servant wizard. With his aid, they stand a reasonable chance of taming part of the Garden, with stable doorways to the outside. A kingdom-building campaign ensues.

I've before mentioned my dissatisfaction with the Ynnian Changeling as a class. Instead, I offer versions of several creatures found in Ynn suitable for PCs. As I usually run races, each will have a primary attribute they can reroll, an advantage, and a disadvantage.

Ynn Natives
  • Myconid Composter: reroll constitution. You can create another Myconid by donating d4 HP, and merge with any other myconids. However, halve your sense of self.
  • Young Salamandar: reroll strength. You are immune to fire and can breathe flame (d6 damage,) however apologizing or interacting with ugliness deals 1 damage to you.
  • Rose-Maiden: reroll intelligence. You can speak with or command plants twice a day. However, you cannot harm a plant.
  • Pawn: reroll any. Gain an extra skill. However, get disadvantage versus possession or peer pressure.
  • Ferret-Servant: reroll charisma. Once per day, cast charm, sleep, or invisibility. However, you are forever doomed to command 4d4 frog- and fish-servants who are incapable of being helpful.
  • Floral Spider: reroll dexterity. You can climb walls. however, you always act last in combat.
  • Candle-Golem: If the players encounter one naturally, let a player run it as-is. Doesn't heal naturally or speak. Charmingly foolish.

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