Wednesday, July 24, 2019

From Ruthanq

There are ten great cities in Holy Selmat. Though no book records it and few guess at its name, there used to be an eleventh. It is a city pulled from memory and from history. All the ambiguous horrors, the ones horrific in their ambiguity, roost there. It is the grave of false hyra-kings and unwoven warlocks, the throne of pregnant pauses and the echo of urgent pawsteps. No rumors exist about it, and those few who purport the theory of its semi-existence do not dare to share their fears with most.

Astral servants still remember the vibrant and strange streets of Ruthanq but most fear to tread there now. To them, it is preferable to forget that knowing smile that lighted upon the faces of its long-gone citizens.

c. Magdelena Mudlaff

You cannot set an adventure in Ruthanq. Instead, if a party sets out to find it, PCs will awake some time later with no memory of that brimming void. Roll on the “Time Spent” table to determine how long this jaunt has cost any adventurers, then on the “Fates” table to see what they have washed back into living memory with. But! Do not announce the results until you check the damage inflicted on injury table. Go to town with descriptions of odd injuries. If the damage is sufficient to kill a PC, their surviving companions might come across them in the next couple of days.

(This was made with the Rat on a Stick notion of HP capped at 20. Note you roll a d6 for the injuries table, and higher numbers require increased damage from Fates rolls.)

d6 Time Spent
  1. 1d4 days.
  2. 1d8+4 days.
  3. 1d4 weeks.
  4. 4d6 weeks.
  5. 1d12 months. Roll twice for the party on the “Fates” table.
  6. 2d20+6 months. Roll twice for the party and each of its members on the “Fates” table.
d20 Fates (Roll once for the party then once for each of its members)
  1. You wake up separated from the main party.
  2. Random magic item. Increase damage 1 step.
  3. Random tome. Test intelligence or increase damage 1 step.
  4. Confused hireling or temporary ally. Test charisma to decrease damage 1 step.
  5. Devoted friend or new spouse (1d4-1 class levels) Decrease damage 1 step
  6. Valuable non-magical item. Increase damage 1 step
  7. Significant item lost or broken. Test strength or increase damage 1 step
  8. Addiction to strange drug. 1d4 doses in your inventory. Test constitution to decrease damage 1 step
  9. Exciting new disease!
  10. Unsettling diary with inscrutable entries. Test wisdom to decrease damage 1 step
  11. Pursued by animals. Test dexterity or increase damage 1 step
  12. Knowledge of unsavory spell
  13. Bundle of sealed letters to cities in the country. Decrease damage 1 step
  14. Tied to a dead body. Test charisma or increase damage 1 step
  15. Apparently self-inflicted mutilation. Test strength or increase damage 1 step
  16. Random double-edged mutation
  17. Slave collar. Left hand burned. Test constitution or increase damage 1 step
  18. Increase or decrease fluency in one language by one step
  19. Lose 1d6 letters from your name. (See this link, at “the wounds are grammatic.”)
  20. Roll twice. Save or increase damage 1 step
d6 injury table (death is disappearance)
  1. Not a scratch
  2. Scar or tattoo
  3. 1d6 damage
  4. 3d6 damage
  5. 1d20 damage
  6. 1d20+5 damage
  7. 2d20+5 damage
  8. 3d20+5 damage

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  1. All occupy CHA slots. Ordered by which ones like each other.

    LIZARD: "We wait, for our tongues know when to catch the fly 'fore our eyes." Your skin can recolor itself and your limbs regrow, but you cannot be CLOSE to anyone else.
    CAMEL: "We bear the long road, but it is our justice." You have your LEVEL in extra STR slots, but law-abiding folk want to bring you in.
    CACTUS: "Water within, thorns around, green from the sky, brown from below." You bleed any liquid of your choice, but grow violently ill when skin touches you.
    SERPENT: "Keep the head bowed until the strike." If you can't see them they can't see you, but you must telegraph all deceptions you sense made somehow.
    SCORPION: "Burn them before they burn you." You can eat fire, but die if your left hand gets cold.
    HAWK: "Wind in hair, talons outstretched, this is our home." Taste blood to know the identity and thoughts of its source, but you don't understand 'property'.
    HARE: "Listen 'fore you soar." You can hear auras, but cannot perambulate slowly.