Friday, November 2, 2018

Selmati Spells

I was very pleased to read [a creator]'s recent article which included spells themed around Jewish folklore and faith. While Holy Selmat is not directly a depiction of the Old Testament, it was a good call to action to write out the ideas that had been percolating in the back of my mind.
  • Smell drug (level 0) As detect undead. Includes gigre.
  • Know God (level 0) Learn the other names of any god if you know at least one of their epithets. Does not reveal occulted aspects.
  • Ehud’s Vouchsafing Spell (level 1) A single item in the caster’s possession begins to grow white-hot, searing any person touching it if they are ritually unclean. This lasts for hours and deals 2d6 damage.
  • Prideful Wager (level 1) this spell is cast before bartering with someone. If you come out ahead of your buyer, you may roll advantage on any one roll once in the next week. If you come out behind, you will roll disadvantage on one roll of the DM’s choice. This spell does not stack with itself.
  • Misfile Soul (level 1) If the target recently died, you may cast this spell to redirect the final destination of their soul. Scholars generally say that a soul which ends up in the wrong place will not get a positive reception.
  • Ehud’s Metamorphosis (level 2) range: 100’. Fort save. Target creature is staggered through their next turn, during which they turn into a race of your choice for (level) hours. Afterwards, they retain any negative racial ability modifiers for 24 hours.
  • Trials of Tizrah (level 2) once per round, you may attempt to parry a melee attack with your holy symbol. Make an attack roll, and if you succeed the attack is negated.
  • Merchant of Selmat (level 2) When bartering, can take damage to get corresponding discount— 1 point of constitution per 5 gold pieces.
  • Babble (level 3) Everyone in 50 ft. makes a will save. If they fail, they can’t speak any language other than antediluvian. If they succeed, they may only speak brokenly.* (This doesn’t allow anyone to speak a language they don’t know.)
  • Ehud’s Skimming (level 1) instantaneously read a text at -1 language proficiency.*
  • Ehud’s Splendid Skimming (level 2) instantaneously read a text*
  • Ehud’s Supreme Skimming (level 3) instantaneously read a text at +1 language proficiency.* Allows you to read languages you normally can't.
  • Ehud’s Theft of Joy (level 3) Ranged attack. Will save or target reduces HP to match their nearest ally’s, if lower. No effect if they have no conscious allies.

* Language proficiency goes none -> broken -> accented -> fluent.

Michal Sztuka. 
I don't especially care which classes get access to which of these spells. Most of them are pretty niche, so I don't think it would break anything to disperse them widely. Most of these spells encourage players to engage with recurring elements of the campaign, such as barter, tomes, and moral commandments. The prophet Ehud doesn't have a lot of landmarks on my map, but as the premier "sainted scholar" he gets a lot of name-dropping with spells and alchemy.

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