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Producing Nothing By Accident Save Themselves (GL𝚫G Class: Fighter)

Hello again.

This "delta" class was designed to fit in with systems like B/X where there is still some slow form of advancement, and the cost of certain moves reflect that. If circumstances should make a requirement cheaper, that's absolutely fine. It was also designed with a "normal" campaign in mind, where a party of multiple PCs are going on adventures and delving into dungeon spaces together, so progressing along the path of the Conjurer is intended to dovetail into normal activities and into the downtime and management of gradually leveling D&D characters, as well as provide a few mysteries to unravel. The class is meant to try to "solve" some issues that can come up with delta advancement while inventing a satisfactory martial delta class. It does so by leaning into the numinous quality of fictional martial arts. Treat Adverse Conjuring moves as being magical in nature, and all that that implies.

This is a way of living and a way of killing. It is most often practiced by the destitute, the damaged, and the desperate, but being rich is no excuse. Adverse Conjuring is the art of perceiving something's purpose and reversing it. The purpose of a human being is to create life and nurture it.

The fighting moves of Adverse Conjuring cannot be done with a sword, unless it is a very strange sword. They can be done with the body. They can be done with a weapon descended from a tool— a flail, a knife, a warhammer, a staff.

Basic moves can be learned by any journeyman who is initiated into Adverse Conjuring. Specialist moves can be learned by any Conjurer who is taught by a mentor. Chaperon moves can be learned by any Conjurer who teaches others. Immortal moves are shrouded in mystery.

𝚫 - Initiation

Suffer a great loss, then in your despair crush something worth 100 gold coins. Spread its dust over a page and begin to write, letting your unconscious nature take hold of the quill. This becomes the first page of your fighting manual. If the great loss is reversed, start again.

Your eyes grow more vibrant. You may call yourself a journeyman and learn basic moves.


𝚫 - Black Bear Style

Crawl into the body of a creature that was slain by weapons, sleep the night, and crawl out. Encode your findings into your fighting manual.

+1 to hit and your fingers count as crowbars

𝚫 - Yuda's Eager Animus

Spend 500 gold coins to have a stone folly built in some defensible place, and fill it with warriors made of sticks or stacks of grain. Meditate in the folly overnight. If the folly is ever torn down, start again.

+1 to hit and untrained militias get +1 morale. They sometimes grin and don't know why.

𝚫 - Last Lunge

Slay an opponent while one of you is fleeing. Encode your findings into your fighting manual.

+1 to hit and you can do a forced march for an extra day before needing rest

𝚫 - Adverse Tool Art

Slay ten dangerous creatures with ten implements that have never taken a life before.

Weapons you wield deal at least 1d8 damage as long as you aren't speaking. If they do less because they're in poor condition, you can at least sunder them for one good strike.

𝚫 - Adverse Body Art

Slay a creature with a weapon, then slay another such creature with a tooth, claw, or other natural defense, then slay another such creature unarmed. Encode your findings into your fighting manual.

Your unarmed strike deals 1d6 damage. You can use any part of the body to strike.

𝚫 - Shuddering Elk Style

Spend a week and 200 gold throwing coins into the air and attempting to slice two in half with the same stroke. The first time you succeed, each coin turns into a gib of flesh.

At the start of a combat, you may scream in a special way so that blood leaks down your throat. During that combat, if your first melee strike each round would slay a foe, make a free attack against another foe. 

𝚫 - Eribo's Potent Resort

Let an enemy attack you three times before striking back, then slay them. Bury their weapon. If the weapon is recovered, start again.

You may take a penalty to an attack roll to get a corresponding bonus to your damage roll. If the penalty is more than 5, rolling a natural 20 is not an automatic success.

𝚫 - Vool's Iron Enlightenment

Learn the recipe for the salve against iron, hidden away in libraries and the minds of balking sages. Concoct the salve with ingredients worth 1,000 gold coins. Cover your body and leap into a vat of liquid-hot iron.

If the salve was properly made and applied, you survive unharmed. Emerge with a tranquil form— eyes that cannot betray age nor lies, hair full and strong, perfect stillness, and +2 Wisdom.

𝚫 - Kestrel Stride

Spend three days whispering spells into bird-skin boots worth 200 gold coins.

Run along vertical surfaces for up to 15 feet, then jump in any direction.

𝚫 - Whispered Warning Compact

Help a ghost or other spirit find their eternal rest, or bottle an imp and reduce its fat to fluid and drink it.

When in an established marching order, you can move from the middle to the front or the back in an instant as soon as initiative is rolled.

𝚫 - White-Tail Deer Step

Spare a foe, then later suffer an attack from them. Steal and wear their belt, or make one from their remains.

When lost, reduce the chance of getting ambushed by 1-in-6. You can ditch the belt by the way, the spell doesn't need you to wear it constantly.

𝚫 - Eribo's Levity

Spend a month meditating on the movement of fish or of birds. Encode the results into your fighting manual.

You can swim with a weapon in your hand and light armor on without penalty.

𝚫 - Second Initiation

Find a mentor. Suffer under their tutelage for at least a full season. Fulfill the task they give you upon your leaving

Your eyes grow more vibrant. You may call yourself a "brown sash" and learn specialist moves.


𝚫 - Aligning Adverse Purpose

Find a blacksmith who will teach you for a full week. At the end of that time, create a weapon.

+1 to hit and you can serve as a blacksmith. You can use Adverse Conjuring moves with swords you create.

𝚫 - Yuda's Energetic Apprehension

Intuit a grand ritual that requires materials worth 4,000 gold coins, one week, and a place where many have died.

Meet Death. It is like the first meeting of long-time long-distance friends. +1 to hit and mercenaries get +1 morale. You sometimes grin and don't notice.

𝚫 - Cougar Forms

Wrestle a predator larger than you into submission. Encode your findings in your fighting manual.

+1 to hit, and +5 movement in pursuits. You can run on all fours even with your hands full.

𝚫 - Conjure Breath

Swallow a magical creature whole.

+1 to hit and your spit flickers in unwholesome air, warning you of subtle gasses and poisons.

𝚫 - Possum's Hindsight

Construct a Gate of Hate over the course of a month with magical materials worth 4,000 gold coins. Enter it, then return alive.

+1 to hit and when you trigger a trap, you may make a free attack against it

𝚫 - Detect Unseen

Spend a week in the untamed underworld, listening carefully.

+1 to hit and when you can't see you can attack adjacent foes without penalty

𝚫 - Obverse Body Art

Undergo an obscure surgical procedure that only the old-time shamans know. It will entail a week of recovery, and costs 2,000 gold coins— a traditional price that was more than a king's ransom when it was set.

You are given a small bag, made from some internal organ and containing strange organic shapes, arcane sands, and buds which make you numb in certain parts of your body when you touch them. By consulting the bag, you (the PC) can learn any detail of yourself that could be found on your character sheet, taking any numbers as intuitive and difficult to articulate but precise in understanding.

𝚫 - Communion of the Rotting Elk

Slay two creatures in one instant with Shuddering Elk Style. Collect 200 gibs of flesh from 200 different creatures and leave them as a gift in the forest. 

Your patron will speak with you. If you survive, your flesh is enchanted. Each time you slay a creature with Shuddering Elk style, you can make a new attack again and again as long as you keep slaying. Those who can detect magic see you as possessing necromantic energy.

𝚫 - Vool's Name

Build a tower as high as you can, worth at least 10,000 gold coins. Let lightning run through it to strike you. The scream you make has a familiar cadence to it.

Grow up to seven grasping tendrils. Bleed navy blue blood. You become immune to lightning thrown by less powerful beings than yourself. (Everyday lightning angels have 6 HD)

𝚫 - Reverse Body Art

Conduct a grand ritual that spans three months and dozens of accomplices, costing at least 20,000 gold coins, spanning a miles-long occult shape. You need not attend to the ritual every day, but must maintain oversight between any adventures, and you must be in the center of the occult shape when your day of glory arrives.

Acquire a monstrous form— much taller, oddly textured, joints rearranged, hair melting into something else, and +2 Strength. You can use weapons designed for larger creatures and count as an angel, dragon, or demon when convenient.

𝚫 - Condor Step

Fall 100 feet and survive.

Double jump

𝚫 - Adverse Body Alignment

Slay a 4+ HD creature with a weapon, then slay another such creature with a tooth, claw, or other natural defense, then slay another such creature unarmed. Encode your findings into your fighting manual.

Your body deals 1d8 damage when used to attack.

𝚫 - Catch Death

Seek the woman who offered the wineskin to Vool and learn its secret.

When struck by a killing blow, you have a [damage]% chance of ignoring all harm and negative effects by grabbing your escaping spirit and swallowing it. Bleed neon green blood.

𝚫 - Third Initiation

Find students. Make them suffer under your tutelage for at least a season. Give them tasks as they leave. One must succeed and another must fail.

Your eyes grow more vibrant. You may call yourself a master and learn chaperon moves.


𝚫 - Manatee Maneuver

Oversee the construction of well-engineered defenses worth at least 5,000 gold coins, study the work, and encode your findings into your fighting manual.

+1 to hit and when convenient you count as riding a camel for purposes of speed, overland travel, mass, etc.

𝚫 - Mustang-Footed Launch

Lead an army with expenses equaling at least 2,000 gold coins per month into a battle to the death, then collect objects belonging to the fallen and bury them near your home.

+1 to hit, and a single kick can jam a door open or shut as with an iron spike

𝚫 - Adverse Profanity Art

Forge an evil, intelligent magical weapon worth at least 6,000 gold coins. If it is destroyed, start again.

+1 to hit and your palms and heels count as holy symbols

𝚫 - Yuda's Folly

Construct an academy worth at least 30,000 gold coins, dedicated to the teaching of Adverse Conjuring. After a season, encode your findings into your fighting manual.

+1 to hit and students get +1 morale. 1d6 level 0 students will arrive each month as long as you have capacity for more.

𝚫 - Name Fear

Bring 12,000 gold coins in tribute to the Queen within the Gates of Hate— a traditional price that was less than a scribe's yearly wage when it was set.

+1 to hit and monsters you fight have a maximum morale of 9. You know the name of fear.

𝚫 - Wield Death

Find the person behind the person behind the person who made you suffer your first great loss and put them into your power.

When a longtime friend, party member, or true innocent dies despite your attempts to aid them, your weapons and eyes glow and you do double damage.

𝚫 - Eribo's Gift

Save Eribo

You can see HD.

𝚫 - Dancing Elk Style

Flense the flesh from your head and somehow survive for 1 hour

You are immune to the negative effects of flensing your head. Each time you slay a foe in melee, you can give a rattling shriek to fly up to 30 feet to strike at another foe.

𝚫 - Divine Nature

Remake the throne of Idi. This takes 4,000 gold coins in materials and 10,000 gold coins in research. If it is resundered, start again.

Sense when your name is spoken. Bleed neon pink blood.

𝚫 - Synthesis Body Art

Slay Vool and embed the gem. For reasons that will become clear, this will cost at least 40,000 gold coins.

Acquire an androgynous, immaculate form. +2 Cha.

𝚫 - Wolf Spider Sprint

Wrap a Conjurer's body in fine wrappings worth 4,000 gold coins. Bury them in a box worth 4,000 gold coins. If they were alive at the time, defeat their shade.

As long as you run at full speed, you can run up walls and along ceilings. Sharp turns would be an issue for you. If you defeated their shade, get +1 Dexterity.

𝚫 - Besting Yuda

Trick a student of at least half your level into striking you with a killing intent. Best them. Encode your findings in your fighting manual.

You take minimum damage from falling.

𝚫 - Refute the Socratic Method

Destroy your fighting manual. Drink deadly poison but somehow survive. If you start a new fighting manual, start again. Your body deals 2d6 damage, exploding. Your eyes grow more vibrant. You may not refer to yourself. You may learn immortal moves.


  1. Welp, someone beat me to the delta Fighter punch. I suppose it was only a matter of time, and I think this is the best dClass I've seen yet. Go figure!

    The set gold prices being based on historical events is simply marvellous, something to extrapolate into all other B/X material. A lot of it feels a little like a lyric game? Especially towards the end.

    1. I suppose I should leave this here as well, even though I'm not happy with it at all https://slightadjustments.blogspot.com/p/delta-fighter.html

  2. The Fighting Manual seems an odd fit to me, but every Delta and every ability is so flavorful, I love this class.

    If I were to pull this into my game, I might go with the warrior poet route and have the player write koans or verses instead of carrying a manual.