Sunday, November 27, 2022

Once and Future Knight Generator

 This is a character generator for a hack of En Garde! I am working on.

The generator will leave a blank space for your knight PC's coat of arms, which you should decide yourself. If you are stuck thinking of one, I recommend a single-color animal, object, or shape on a single-color background.  If the object is white or yellow, the background shouldn't be either. If the object isn't white or yellow, the background should be.

You may optionally also give him a name. Players are encouraged to make strange or foreign concepts for their knights if desired, such as samurai, werewolf, or time-displaced yankee. If you wish to use a name and want it to be typical of Albion, I recommend this one.

For each player, there is also a notable damosel, generated at the same time for ease. The player doesn't control this character, but if you like you can pick a name and backstory relative to her level. If the PC dies and a new one must be generated, you typically won't add an additional damosel.

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