Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Nine Horse Wizard Spells

Horse wizards often work as leatherers, hoping to perfect the art for the crafting of saddles enchanted to protect their mounts.

art by Dragon_Wizard

Double Jump- (1st) lets a touched creature jump while in midair, doubling your jump distance or height and possibly changing direction. Lasts 3 Turns.

Flaming Hooves- (1st) One designated creature leaves trail of flames behind it whenever it moves for the next 6 rounds. These flames are nonmagical and disappear from nonflammable surfaces after at most a minute.

Graceful Charge- (1st) A touched creature ignores difficult terrain and impediments, including set polearms and caltrops for 1 Turn.

Tunnel Vision- (1st) One creature in sight loses their peripheral vision. They get +2 morale and have an easier time pathfinding, but otherwise have difficulty noticing things, and -4 AC against all but one creature they focus on. An unwilling creature is entitled to a save vs spells to negate the spell.

Horste- (2nd) as haste, but lasts 2 hours and only works on horses.

Calm Emotions- (2nd) instantaneously halts failed morale roll, rage, etc. May instead let you reroll a reaction roll and take the more moderate result. Targets up to 4d4 HD of creatures.

Borrow Vision- (2nd) See through a touched creature's eyes instead of your own. Lasts as long as you maintain concentration. An unwilling creature is entitled to a save vs paralysis to negate the spell.

Shoulder Burdens- (2nd) You and a willing creature combine your carrying capacity for 1 hour. You aren't encumbered until your combined load exceeds your combined capacity.

Spider Ride- (3rd) like spider climb but with mounts, safely carrying their riders unless overencumbered. Lasts 1 minute per level.

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