Monday, February 7, 2022

House of the Serpent Kings

 If you want to better understand something, take it apart and put it back together.

Looking out of the windows, one can see that they are on the second floor of some ornate building, the slope before them covered in thorn-studded vines, loose tiles, and the occasional glimpse of movement. Throughout the attic, crates with adventuring gear can be found. How did we get here?

Main Floor
Windows give much away. If the party does a circuit of the building, they might see a wight hiding in room 13, or treasure in room 32. A path leads easily up to room 9, but a copse of trees hide the entrance to 41. Spot 42 has been converted to a simple dumbwaiter.

As in the original module, 20 and 21 lead off into the great unknown. I would personally have one lead to the Dungeon Station, and the other to, say, the Tower of Hylox. You'll note that some of the rooms have changed floors from the original dungeon.

In general, you may here embrace sequence-breaking. Smashing through walls and climbing along exteriors is good fun, and the players should do it! Leave construction tools (and destruction tool) lying around. Nestle rooms between other rooms.

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  1. The inability to easily determine what is on the other side (or between) of this wall is one of the few flaws of "just in time" dungeon room generation. I salute thee of the maps and grid-paper!